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September 2, 1995

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Cyanide River Disaster in Guyana


Over 825 million gallons of cyanide-treated water from gold mine.

Albion Monitor Reporter Arrested at Courthouse Believed retaliation for critical coverage of Sheriff.

Berkeley Performed Most Radiation Tests UC lab led nation in human radiation experiments.

McDonald's Breaks Agreement in McLibel Suit Corporation withdraws offer in suit against activists.

Citizen's Group Charges "War on Parks" by Congress Warns upcoming Congressional votes crucial to National Park System.

Dole Rejects Gay PAC Money Candidate accused of pandering to Religious Right.

Midwestern Tap Water Contaminated by Ag Chemicals Study finds herbicides in drinking water.

Amazon Indians Evicted from Roraima Brazilian state pushes unauthorized hydroelectric dam.

Anti-Abortion Group Threatens Journal Operation Rescue warns New England Journal of Medicine.


Round Valley


Serious questions remain unanswered about the bloody night of April 14th, and what those violent deaths will mean to the future of this Mendocino community.

Stalking the Narrow Gauge A hike along Tomales Bay reveals Sonoma County history.



Letters Says who? Sez me!

The Times (UK) Defends Microsoft Promo British editor says Windows95 deal was ethical.

Nuclear Paradise in the Pacific French nuclear testing raises physician's concerns.

Two Views on Big Oil Congressmen and commentator examine petroleum tax breaks.


Net Surfing

Patient, Heal Thyself Cancer Patients use the net to exhange information.

Welcome to the Cyber Cafe Drink coffee, hang out, and surf the 'net.

For Reporters, the Web's a Miracle How a reporter found data for Guyana story.



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