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What's With the Calendar?
I'm glad to see the Calendar stuffed full of events. Except... I can't seem to find reference to anything closer than about 70 miles from where I live (Guerneville). Berkeley can be a cool place, and it has a lot to offer, but it ain't home, and it ain't local. Don't get me wrong; I'm not objecting to what's appeared on the Calendar, but rather, to the complete lack of events to which I might ride my bike.

David "Kai" Herd

First, we want to make it clear that although David works for Monitor Publishing, we didn't ask him to write in.
Through an agreement with the Bay Area Progressive Calendar, we are now including all of their listings. We'd like, however, to see announcements of local fundraisers, organization announcements, events, and anything that anyone would like to contribute. But that's up to you; let us know what's happening! The calendar form is easy to fill out, or you can e-mail or fax a press release , as explained at the top of the calendar page.
Remember that the Albion Monitor calendar is always free and open to everyone.
-- Editor
Labor of Love
I love what you are doing. It seems a labor of love. Sorry that you've gotten no response. Its the best (information, quality of writing) that is being put out in Sonoma County. I hope you are able to sustain your interest while you build a base which takes time in this business.

Robert Leverant

Hurray for no ads
NAFTA's Corporate Con Artists is an excellent article, and should be plastered over the front page of every newspaper in the US, Cananda and Mexico, as well as making it to prime time network news. Of course, a story like this never will, as it would be, in effect, "biting the hand that feeds them."
Hurray for your policy of no advertising....only a news resource that doesnt accept advertisingcould publish something like this with (financial) impunity!

Leslie Humphrey

Welcome Mark Lowenthal
I want to welcome Mark Lowenthal aboard the Monitor. I have heard many of his lectures at the SRJC, and have enjoyed his articles in the Sonoma Independent (a misnomer. unless you count turkey recipes and whine-ing wineries as journalism). The Monitor is by far a better space for investigative reporters and in-depth analysis of political polecats. Thanks also for the Buchannan Buccaneers story about how sweet Pat is going to form a righter than right-wing party of his own. Go Pat! Let him draw all the venomous votes out of the Republican party and we'll see how much sting they have left.
Keep whistling in the dark, guys....Your tunes shed light in this corner.

A continuing Fan,
Karen Leonard

West County droplets
I've just signed on to a few days ago and have begun exploring. I was delighted to find your news magazine and the variety of topics, especially West County news. It's refreshing to find local topics that we can immediately relate to. Its very easy to get lost in the WWW and feel like a small droplet in the ocean. I shall visit regularly, keep up the good work and keep your ears open for local issues.

Peggy Lupo
Some of our best stories about Sonoma County have come from reader's tips. Is there something that we should explore? Let us know!
-- Editor

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