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Rumors of U.S. Satanists Buying Babies in Paraguay

by Roy S. Carson

Underlying is a real controversy over "grey baby" market

ASUNCION (AR) -- Crowds of protesters have been demonstrating in at the Palace of Justice demanding a halt to the international adoption of Paraguayan babies, claiming the infants are used in macabre rites by satanic sects in the United States.

The protesters -- described by the conservative Asuncion newspaper ABC as "a coalition of human rights groups" -- claim it is no secret to the authorities that the U.S. sects buy unwanted babies to use as human sacrifices in America.

In recent days, ABC and other newspapers in the capital have published a spat of reports of snatched babies, and claim to have discovered a network of baby traffickers. Posters have been prominently diplayed in the Plaza of Justice in front of Parliament about the issue.

Underlying the rumors of satanists is the very real controversy over international adoptions in the "grey baby" market, where orphaned or abandoned Paraguayan infants can be bought for as little as $300.

The national parliament in Paraguay is studying a proposal to suspend international adoptions, and the parliamentary "Bicameral Commission On Illicitness" -- or Bicameral Crime Commission -- is studying the issue, responding to reports that there are some 600 illegal international adoptions from Paraguay each year, mostly to the United States. The commission is considering barring international adoptions until their investigation is complete.

Roy S. Carson is a South American correspondent for The American Reporter.

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