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Corporate Olympics Gold

Thanks for your good work on all fronts -- but special thanks this week for John Catalinotto's much-needed counterpoint to the Olympic hype.

Suzanne Maxson

New Format

Excellent idea to update with new articles on an on-going basis -- a two week wait can result in getting lost in the info-shuffle. The sites I visit most are those where I can check for frequent updates. Keep up the good work.

Sandy O'Donnell

Debate Over What Qualifies as "Organic" Food


I find it hard to contemplate something as being 70% organic or less...I realize that the reference is to packaged food and what is contained in the package.

But, it does seem to me kinda like 70% pregnant.

If the idea was to list the ingredients (i.e. celery, organinc lentils, organic onions, potatoes) on a soup can, the previous would be acceptable to me. But to just be able to label a whole can (jar, package, etc) as organically grown, when any percentage less than 100% of the contents of the package were organically grown, would be unethical, unacceptable, and unfair and untrue advertising.

Leslie Humphrey

New Discovery Defies Indian Migration Theory

It is gratifying to see that you are carrying stories that challenge the orthodoxy of white anthropology, especially as it relates to the origin of humans in the Americas. Every Native person that I have met believes that his or her people were ALWAYS here in this land, and did not migrate here like some penguin lumbering along on the lacy skirts of the retreating ice shield.

It may be proven yet that, as Vine Deloria says, the migration was in fact the other way: light-skinned humans went over the land bridge from North America in search of new ground and founded European culture there. Of course that would so injure the foundations of anthropology in America that the collective ego blow could make the field seem as legitimate as, say, the Cardiff Giant. Keep up the good work!

Terril L. Shorb, Faculty, Prescott College, Prescott, Arizona

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