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Presumed Unarmed But Dangerous

What a great interview with Michael Moore! Excellent, readable format -- easy on the eyes and with informative links for further info.
This is the way it should be done. Keep up the good work!

Sandy O'Donnell

Fortuna Alliance

All I have to say is "What Utter Crap" you've gone off half cocked just like the FTC did.

Dave Sargent
New Zealand

I'd Like to Buy Ten Al D'Amato's, Please

Greetings from the Rogue Market. We're not primarily a political site, but we do share a little bit of your skepticism about our current political and popular culture.

I'd like to introduce our new stock market that lets players buy and sell shares in celebrities rather than in companies. Politics is a major category and you can trade all of the major presidential candidates as well as other national figures such as Al D'Amato or Louis Farrakhan. is FREE. It lists over 700 celebrities in more than 30 categories including U.S. Politics, World Leaders, Film, TV, Music, Sports, Royalty and more. Now we can finally compare the relative value of, say, Al Gore and Roseanne Barr. How many shares of each would you buy? Who has the better prospects?

With the election just 3 weeks away it is still possible to get a good price on Clinton or Dole. Please check us out.

Bill Fisher
New York City


As Election Day approaches, I implore voters to remember how Bill Clinton has: denied committing adultery, denied avoiding the Vietnam War draft, denied inhaling marijuana, denied wrongdoing in an Arkansas real estate venture called Whitewater, denied intentionally failing to report profits from the sale of commodities to the IRS, denied sexually harassing Arkansas state employee Paula Jones in a hotel room, denied involvement in the wrongful firing of White House Travel Office staff and denied knowing of the criminal possession of confidential FBI files by his own personnel.

Please also consider what Democratic U.S. Senator and Medal of Honor recipient Bob Kerrey of Nebraska has said about our President, ?Clinton?s an unusually good liar. Unusually good. Do you realize that??

Let?s not pull another O.J. here, huh folks? If the denials don?t fit, you must not acquit.

???????(I left California in September)

???????Michael Doyle
???????Lansing, Michigan

No, I don't understand him either. -- Editor

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