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The Fight For Headwaters Forest

Internationally people are concerned with the fate of the Redwoods. Thanks for publishing your journalism on the Internet. The pieces about the death of David Chain tell a story that reminds me what I've read about the civil rights movement in the 60s and the obsticles those activists where up against. The Pacific Lumber Sheriff's department needs to be kept in check with good journalism reporting the facts. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Steve Christianson (Burlington, Vt)

The Humboldt County Sheriff wants to charge the Earth First protesters with manslaughter? What on God's Earth could possibly cause him to believe that a charge like that would be in anyone's best interest? How could they possibly even thing that anyone other than the logger and the lumber company are responsible for this young man's death? I am ashamed of the Sheriff and his paritsan activities and statements.

Valeri Green

I was also a witness to this horrible scene [Editor: The use of pepper spray on activists blockading logging road] When I saw and heard Liz getting the Treatment, a fire rose up in my heart, and my fear of the police melted away. Those few steps I took towards the line of officers, before locking arms and kneeling in the middle of the highway, as the officers drew their billy-clubs, was the best feeling I could have imagined. An officer admitted later that our stand stopped the use of pepper spray that day.

Jason Wilson

I understand that Sheriff Lewis is an ex-Pacific Logging employee. Since this is an elected position, when he is not re-elected he will need his old job back. Shows a little bias in that regard; I am sure that whatever gets done under his command must have his future in consideration.

Pam Lagan (Pasadena, Texas)

Sheriff Lewis was reelected earlier this year, before the death of David Chain -- Editor

First I would like to thank you for your excellent coverage of the events taking place in California in regards to Earth First! and David Chain's death.

I am his Aunt -- Cindy Allsbrook's sister. We (the family) are trying to keep up with the investigation via the net.

This sheriff sounds like he is out of the old west where the rules were, "make it up as you go." I believe we have just scratched the edge of the corruption that has deep roots in Humboldt County.

Are there any good guys in Law Enforcement in Humboldt County? If so, stand up and be counted! Sometimes your job is not worth the dishonesty that would have you support an agency that would discount the death of a young man. You still have to look yourself in the mirror, and regardless of your religious beliefs, we all have to meet our maker someday. What account would you give him of this soul? How would you explain this to your own beloved children?

Does the violent death of a young man count? I can tell you, he counts to us. There is an empty plate at our family gatherings that only David could fill. As you could see, my sister Cindy is a very articulate and most determine Mother who will not turn her head and go away. And she has four more sisters just like her. David was a beloved adult child to all of us. If Cindy needs our help, we are here and ready to pursue whatever she would need from any of us.

This is a very personal plea for Pacific Lumber and Humboldt Co. Sheriff's office to save themselves further bad publicity and legal fees, AND DO THE RIGHT THING! Investigate this as if it is one of your children that was felled by that tree and left without even a face that we could kiss goodbye.

Kathleen Smith

Maxxam Corporation keeps breaking the law. California Dept of Forestry, which exists primarily to obstruct We The People's rightful authority over the actions of Maxxam and other logging corporations, continues to play its role perfectly. The Sheriff's Department, whose budget is paid by county citizens, continues to defend corporate property against these very citizens.

Mary Bullwinkel continues to lie in the service of her corporate employer. The (Eureka, CA) Times-Standard -- owned by the giant MediaNews Group Corporation -- continues to print the lies, and defend corporate property and free speech privileges, which are fundamentally illegitimate privileges in a democratic society.

How did we get into this mess? How did it come to pass that Maxxam Corporation has more private property protections than actual flesh-and-blood residents? The answer is quite simple, but remarkable. In 1886, corporations won "personhood" rights which guaranteed them the free speech and private property protections that the Founding Fathers intended SOLELY for We The People. The nation's founders were quite clear that corporations were to have NO rights beyond what state legislatures granted via corporate charters.

How long will we allow our corporate creations to trample the Constitutional rights of forest workers, watershed residents, and other local citizens? We must not allow ourselves to be sucked into regulatory hearing rooms governed by corporate groundrules. There are more effective legal and political avenues for us to take.

If these two corporations are unable to fulfill their responsibilities to us, we must act to revoke their Certificates of Authority to do business in California. If democracy is to survive in Humboldt County, we must reclaim our sovereign authority over all the corporations which do business here. For a free info packet, contact Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County.

Paul Cienfuegos (Arcata, CA)

Thank you so much for printing this where the public could get to it. I didn't listen to the video. I listened to the video of the Humbolt sheriff's dept torturing young protesters with pepper spray and by the time I got to this part of your site, I just didn't have the stomach for anymore.

I have harvested enough standing deadfall for heating purposes that I know how accurate even an amatuer cutter can be when deciding where to put a tree that falls. I personally think that the logger who is responsible should be tried for murder. He clearly had the intent to at least do bodily harm.

I'd like to say I can't believe the hostility that I found in the transcript, but in light of my life experiences I wasn't even surprised. I am outraged and saddened by this news, and all my heart goes out to Gypsy's family and friends. I can only hope that publications like this one continue to reflect the unpalleatable truths that may one day bring an end to illegal and immoral logging.


I am totally appalled that Earth First! is being treated like a criminal instead of the environmental group that they are. The tape should definitely be released and the logging company taken to court and charged an enormous fine for encouraging their employees to be so aggressive as to kill one of the environmentalists.

The logging company should be closed down.

Judy Nagle (Tucson)

You have the best news on the Headwaters situation. We just cancelled our Press Democrat subscription (out of disgust) and would like to subscribe to the Monitor. Keep up the good work!

Dan Sythe

To Dennis Lewis, Sheriff of Humboldt County:

The use of pepper spray swabbed into protestor's eyes is not acceptable in a civilized society. This is not Central America or the Middle East. This is the United States of America. If you are trying to invite the disapproval of the citizens, then you have it. Along with it you will be drawing the attention of groups such as Amnesty International and the ACLU. The Humboldt County Sheriff does not need this kind of attention at this time. If you don't learn to control your power-trips, the public is going to begin to control them for you. This issue stretches beyond Humboldt County. The eyes of the entire nation are upon you.

Paul E. Jackson (Los Angeles)

A Double Standard Of Disclosure

As we all know, the main political Democratic and Republican philosophy is to win the next election. Your article demonstrates the propensity of our governmental system towards "team strategy" rather than real philosophical differences. It seems that when we come right down to it, the "philosophy" of each of our major political parties is similar: "Just Win, Baby."

Speaker Gingrich proceeds with actions and proposals that will politically injury the Democrats without thought or care how those actions will injure the Republic. Information is leaked here and there by our country's political rivals that will show the opposing political party in an unfavorable light, and the media snaps it up and feeds it to the public.

Thanks for the great job.

Jack A. Simpson

The Ethics of Henry Hyde

Just read the Hyde article. I wish this were in all the newspapers. This republican war on Clinton marks the end of 200 years of democracy in America, and I see no organized effort (petitions, letter writing campaigns) to stop this.

"SAC" (Texas)

Since our article on Hyde appeared, journalist Dennis Bernstein has produced several segments on Hyde's involvement with the Clyde S&L. These have appeared on his "Flashpoints" news program, broadcast at 5PM (Pacific Time) on KPFA radio, which can also be heard on the Internet via real audio.

-- Editor

Meet the People Who Make Land Mines

Sadly, Wisconsin's role in the perpetuation of this indiscriminate weapon has taken a dramatic increase. According to a recent press release, Alliant Techsystems has completed new additions to its manufacturing facility in Janesville -- a $2.2 million dollar expansion that has been funded in large part by our tax dollars. Financing was provided through loans, tax incremental financing, and state tax credits from the state of Wisconsin and the city of Janesville. The expansion will allow for the acquistion of Motorola's electronic military fuze business and provide several hundred jobs. The arms and legs of little children apparently hold little value when balanced against corporate greed and taxpayer indifference.

Laura Olah (Merrimac, Wisconsin)

The IMF And Looting Of The World

The fear of a US economic meltdown resulting from the spread of the 'Asian flu' is based on a global economic reality. But why is economic pain of such concern to the media and policy makers now? For the past few decades, nearly half of humanity has lived in abject poverty, lacking sufficient food, water, sanitation, education and basic health services, yet there is no daily coverage of this tragedy.

Something in the current media coverage of the global economic situation stinks, but it goes far beyond the failed IMF policies and investment strategies of the high rollers.

We may yet escape the full impact of the 'Asian Flu,' but it should now be unquestionably clear that our well- being depends on the well- being of others around the world. When the economy gets back to 'normal,' will we continue to ignore the grinding poverty that crushes out the lives of tens of thousands of innocent infants and children each day? If we do, it will take far more than the IMF to bail us out of the plagues that will certainly come our way in the years ahead.

Chuck Woolery (Maryland)

Thanks -- Probably

Verri god pä

Karin Hiller (Uppsala, Sweden)

Dark Alliance

I know that the mainstream media attacked Gary Webb's report for the San Jose Mercury News on the link between the CIA and sales of cocaine to black LA youngsters. I have also heard that his story was proven to be false. Do you have the final story. Did it stick or not?

Patti Rose

Recently Seven Stories Press published Webb's book, "Dark Alliance," which provides conclusive links between the contras and crack dealers. (This book is available free to 3-year subscribers -- see our special subscription offer.)

-- Editor

Crank Letter of the Month

I think the people who run this newsletter are idiots who only look to the bible for their opinions. Too afraid to form your own? Too terrified to think for yourself? "Oh, gee, let's let Jesus think for us."

Coward. Coward. Coward. Coward. Coward. Coward. Coward. Coward. Coward. Coward.

No Name Given, Arlington Heights Illlinois Library

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