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Bush Controversy Changes the Drug Debate

I am quick to write when I read something that raises the hair on my neck. David Corn did a Good Job.

-- Cathy Hildreth

I think the CIA needs purging of its power in and connection to the Republican Party. Probably the Democratic Party, too. At age 60, I've traveled widely, edit a political newsletter which is the bane of the Democratic Party in Nevada, and I've seen my share of Presidential elections. A vote for Bush is a vote for another CIA stooge President. The CIA reminds me of my Granny's chickens. I f you didn't keep them penned, they s---t all over the neighbors porch. Good reporting.

Jan Chastain (Reno)

U.S. Media Knew Kosovo Reports Were Propaganda

Mr. Phillips article on Kosovo and US Media propaganda was correct as far as it went. I find it a stretch to attribute any shred of benevolence to the mass media's intentions. They are as corrupt as the military and the government. The secular trinity of tyranny which is underwritten by a sadistic ruling class most often hidden by the incestuous transnational corporate structure. As someone who simply reads and came to recognize these developing trends of censorship, its now apparent a ruthless propaganda has become the unshakable norm. If I seem excessive Project Censored which I have read since its inception and do recommend is partly to blame. Sonoma State University and Madrill School of Journalism (that have reviewed criminal trials of dubious integrity and had them reversed ) show that great tradition universities have of insisting the rest of the world live up to its ideologies. If the USA is to be saved it will be by these students and not by the President, not by Congress, not by Exxon, not by Raytheon, not by Lockheed.

Austin Hancock

Colombia Numb From Daily Reports of Corruption

The author says that there are Columbians who think corruption could ignite "a major crisis" in the country. Excuse me? Isn't the fact that 40% of the country is under the control of rebel guerillas proof enough that there is already a major crisis in the country? What are these people thinking?

Barrington Daltrey

Incurable Form of TB is Global Threat

I didn't get from your report that this is incurable, but rather than it can only be cured with vigorous effort and the right and continuing administration of the correct drugs. You headline belied the truth I believe was, I think, misleading. Not something I expect to see here.


The headline was accurate (I'm sorry to say). There is no known cure for multidrug -resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). The second part of the article discusses DOTS, which treats only conventional forms of the disease. WHO and other health agencies hope that at least that curable form can be brought under controlled by a massive global effort, but hopes are dim. See this previous Monitor article.
-- Editor

Hooray for Fascism

What Fate do you think would have befallen Chile had Pinochet not seized power? Conservative estmates on Castro's Cuba estimate over 100.000 imprisoned tortured and/or dead. One-third of Cambodia died at the hands of Allende admirer Pol Pot. It is now estimated that 20 million Chinese died from oppression under Mao (not starvation) and a similar number under Stalin, and the horror story is the same for each and every nation which survived the communist nightmare. A few thousand communists pales in comparison.


Kathi Lee Gifford Sweatshops

Kathi Lee Gifford is so self-righteous and doesn't grasp the extent of the problem in sweatshops or the number that exist. What is she doing about it by using her famous name?

Arlene Murray

We love you, we hate you, we have reading comprehension problems

I've checked your site out a couple of times, and really am inspired. I discovered it by linking from the lunatree site, which is probably the most inspiring thing to me in the 90s next to the Dalai Lama. It's nice to know there are some people left with courage and brains. There are good folks here, too, but things can get pretty bogged down with groupthink here in politically correct Wisconsin. Hang in there! I'll pass the word.


I want to thank you for your continued coverage of the news much of the mainstream media finds unfit (as in: doesn't fit into our profit picture) to print. To be sure such news is often distressing, but then true democracy is a messy business and the maintenance of a free nation necessarily involves meeting constant challenges. With the Monitor on duty, the world won't end without me being able to at least read about it. And, possibly, even do something to stave off the whimper, the bang, or the giant sucking sound of a few global media lords siphoning off more of the world's wealth.

Terril Lee Shorb, Prescott College

Just checking to see if a prayer can still be regarded as an opinion in this country. Our Father, who are in heaven, hallowed be Your Name. Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses. As we forgive those that trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Phyllis Freedman

I find it interesting that your rag seems to lack any critical stories about the "criminal in chief." Why? I guess when you get your marching orders from the "commissar in chief" you follow the party line to the letter. Workers of the world unite!!! Your propaganda is old and tried. You may sell your crap a little better if you give it more of an objective spin.

Ted Keller

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