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Bear Lincoln Murder Trial

Thanks to the many readers who wrote brief notes to celebrate the "not guilty" verdict; the response was overwhelming.

Also strong was reaction to the guest editorial by Nicholas Wilson, "Drop The Bias, Press Democrat," which is often mentioned in the sampling of letters below.

-- Editor

Thank you very much for the coverage of the Lincoln trial and for making your news available on the WWW. It is unusual for any trial concerning an American Indian to receive much coverage and as a result, much of what is done to us by the justice system is done out of sight of the public. I want to thank the Monitor for seeing to it that this information is made available, and I consider your coverage a real public service.

Ernie Roberts

As a former resident of Round Valley I have been very interested in the Bear Lincoln trial. Having gone to high school with Gene Britton and some of the Lincoln family it is easy to see how things could get ugly there, although in the mid 60's we never saw that kind of bloodshed.

I appreciated your "alternative" coverage in particular the transcripts of trial testimony which I read several times a week on the net.

The points you make about the Press Democrat coverage are well taken. I must point out, however, that your reporter frequently painted the prosecution in a rather unfavorable light also. This may have been an attempt to balance the PD's bias but it was clear from the start your reporter felt Mr. Lincoln was not guilty.

Nonetheless the information you provided allowed your readers to make up their own minds. The evidence of the "blood trail" makes a good mystery. I wonder if we will ever know what happened out there that night?

Philip Dresser (Humboldt County)

I have followed the Bear Lincoln trial very closely but only through your online Albion Monitor and the Anderson Valley Advertiser. I know from reading the AVA that the Press Democrat was extremely biased towards Bear both before and during the trial. The AVA would regularly discuss the kinds of misrepresentation and occasional outright lying that the PD was engaged in. In additon it was obvious that the PD had a pipeline into the DA's office and was publishing "facts" that were not in evidence at the trial. Then, of course, they published the article about his past convictions which was not admissable at the trial.

What I would very much appreciate seeing would be a side by side comparison of the three news media much like the one you have done for the NY Times and the PD. Even better, would be links to textual comparisons from each of the headline comparisons. The details and wording are where the difference really shows up. I would refer all of my friends to that comparison and encourage then to subscribe to the Monitor. I think such a comparison would be a great beginning on breaking the PD stranglehold on this county's news.

Thanks for being there not only as a great news source but also as a great ISP. And thanks to Nick Wilson for being the man on the spot with great coverage and writing.

Doug Green (Sonoma County)

I must thank you again for your coverage of the Bear Lincoln trial. I was so moved by the editorial about the P.D. that I quoted the entire letter and sent it to them. I'm hoping that this in no way offends anyone, but I had to add my vote to this precious truth.

I check out your site daily. Thank you for your great work!

Patrick Fisher (Sonoma County)

Dear Bear:   We read about your fate in the Native-Net, as well as in the Albion Monitor. First we wanted to be informed about the whole story as good as possible to build our own opinion of guilt or innocence. After checking all available information we now are convinced that you are innocent.

So, all we can do is tell you that your story is heard even here, far away from your home country. We have told our friends about you and will watch all further actions and we hope that the truth will win.

Stay strong, our best wishes are with you.

Barbara and Guenther Tausz, others (Austria)

Asthma Group Attacks Primatene Mist

Thank you for carrying this important piece on asthma and the FDA. As a long time asthma sufferer (severe and chronic) I have long wondered at the incomprehensible FDA policies regarding over the counter and prescription drugs for treating asthma.

Along with epinephrine being the least useful drug in treatment -- both short term or long term -- there are substances not available in the safer and more useful pure form. I speak of theophyllin, a relative of caffeine, found in common black tea. While theophyillin is available, over the counter, it's compounded with epinephrine in products like Primatene Tablets. But unlike pure caffeine, pure theophylline is not available without a prescription!

Epinephrine should be labeled as inappropriate for long term relief, or perhaps even pulled from the shelves. The FDA is clearly not acting to protect the public. Its actions can only be viewed as protecting the profits of the drug companies that produce and sell epinephrine and theophilline. As long as epinephrine is peddled as the only medicine available, people will die -- and the FDA is partly culpable.

Candice Hellen Brown (California)

Vitamins by Prescription Only

Write to the Secretariat of the WTO and express the opinion that allowing the codex to pass in its present form is tantamount to killing the WTO, and explain Americans' attitudes about supplements. If we have to obey this C-R-A-P to be members of the WTO, better we're not members, and Congress can get us out as easilyt as it got us in!

Edward G. Robles, Jr. (North Carolina)

Current status of the Codex debate can be found at the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization.

-- Editor

Homosexual Brains

When I speak for my Father We speak as one. Liberals have never been known as truth seekers. My Father says that mans thoughts are evil continually, Man says I am God. Whom do you think is right.

Homosexuality stems from evil thoughts, not from physical predestination. The extra brain tissue found between the two brain hemispheres of some male homosexuals, does not prove a predisposition.

The Homosexual scientists on their project, didn't take into account that they might have developed this abnormality because of the way they thought and acted. They only checked those that were known homosexuals after they died not before or even right after birth. And what about lesbians who have far more of this connecting tissue, but not more or less then a normal woman.

Because they choose evil over good, are we supposed to bend over backwards to protect them over any other normal individuals who do not choose to please themselves with this lifestyle.

Sodom is a case in point. Should we let this small group run our country as Sodom did? If my Father decided to let us go after we turned to sodomy, what then? Would we be able to say that He judges all equally? God forbid that he should then let us go free. He would be just in bringing down fire and brimstone on this country, so that His judgment would be fair with all.

Then what would the liberals say? It is the Christian's fault that my Father would judge them equally.

What about the Health issues? More per-capita of the homosexuals have health problems then do their counterparts in the heterosexual community

If the Government backed this chosen lifestyle over the Christian's, as is proposed in legislation before the senate, then we would see a far greater health crises. more than a thousand fold, that which smoking has caused. Far more per-capita die early in the homosexual enclaves then in any other community.

Why then do our democrats want to put this burden on our society? Answer: evil thoughts. I do expect these three bills to pass the senate because, liberals are not truth seekers, and they are in the majority of the senate. These three bills have already passed the democratic controlled assembly.

My Father has left a sure way out of the hopelessness you offer the people, as your gospel, and that is not giving over to tyranny, but accepting Jesus the Christ as the true and only begotten of the father. Through whose stripes we are healed.

I understand by one of these bills before the senate that all Christians will be put under tyranny by the gays.

The rain falls both on the good and the bad for a season, then judgment is rendered. Justice is sure, my Father has already prevailed.

Allen D. Elliott (California)

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