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Winners, Losers in Underground Tank Cleanup

by Jeff Elliott Unlucky homeowners and small businesses required to cleanup gasoline spills may be stuck with legal and removal costs

PFLAG, Pat Robertson Censorship Fight

by John De Salvio Controversial ad leads gay support group and television evangelist to both claim opponent wants to restrict free speech

NAFTA Brought Woe to U.S. and Mexico

Two years after NAFTA implementation, working conditions in both countries have worsened

Companies Drop False "Ozone-Friendly" Claims

by Pratap Chatterjee Those low/no ozone refrigerators may not be what they claim, and smuggling CFCs has become a profitable crime

Japan Sues Anti-Whaling Journalist

In an unprecedented action, a Japanese Government agency is suing a reporter who took pictures of whales being electrocuted

Flag Burning, Abortion to be Election Issues

by Jeff Elliott After a narrow defeat for a constitutional amendment to ban desecration of the flag, patriotic organizations vow to remember Senate votes in November, and Senator Dole again promises to outlaw abortion

Many Reasons Why Frogs Are Dying

by Robert Irion With many populations of frogs dying around the world, researchers think a combination of environmental threats may be to blame

Antioxidants Improve Memory, Study Shows

by Ron Faig Combination of high doses of vitamin C and E with antioxidant show promise in animal tests

Media 1995 Good News/Bad News

by Senthil Ratnasabapathy The media becomes increasingly controlled by big corporations, reporters are killed, but at least the Internet provides a gleam of hope

Corporations Defer Billions in Tax Payments

Corporations receive the equivalent of interest-free taxpayer loans by using an accounting trick

Christmas Greetings From Gold Mine of Death

by Pratap Chatterjee The world's largest gold mine sends cheery holiday greetings on the anniversary of the death of four protestors

Marshall McLuhan Center Predictions

Some of this makes sense, I guess...

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