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Losing our Police to the Drug War

by Dr. Joseph McNamara Turning America's citizen police force into Drug War soldiers has come at a steep price to our society

True Indecency on the Internet

by David H. Rothman If sex is declared indecent on the Internet, why aren't we trying to legislate away alcohol and tobacco ads on the World Wide Web?

Sara Peyton

Overexposure It's becoming standard fare for magazine profiles of women celebrities: before considering a woman's worth and power, you gotta' check out her breasts

Ending (Corporate) Welfare

by Janice Shields Instead of cutting housing, nutrition, health care and education programs, shouldn't we be doing something about the billions given away to corporations?

Mark Lowenthal

Spies and Watchdogs As environmental reporters watch polluting corporations, the PR flacks for those companies also spy on reporters, and sometimes resort to dirty tricks


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