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Tension High in Round Valley

by Mark Heimann and Nicholas Wilson The brother of slain Leonard Peters is shot, Bear Lincoln is indicted, and a civil rights lawsuit has been filed against authorities.

Logging in National Forests Costs Taxpayers

by Jeff Elliott A new GAO report finds most of the money paid by timber companies for rights to log in the national forests is used to support the industry.

Community or Corporate Hospital

by Bruce Robinson As the county negotiates the sale of Community Hospital, health workers demand a say in deciding which corporation will provide care for the poor.

Spy Agencies Loathe Change

by Frank Sietzen, Jr. The CIA and other spy organizations don't want to share information with each other, even if it means costly duplication of efforts.

Elders: Start AIDS Education in Kindergarten

by John De Salvio The former U.S. Surgeon General continues to fight for early and comprehensive health education for children.

Governments Sanction Amazon Genocide

by Roy S. Carson Throughout South America, Natve people are under attack by gunmen for multinational corporation, government troops, and drug traffickers.

Point Reyes Fire Good News for Nature

by Simone Wilson The fire that destroyed 18,000 acres was exactly what the native plants and wildlife needed.

Unsafe Drinking Water Linked to Agribusiness

by Tony Fitzpatrick Massive water contamination in California's Central Valley is caused by the state's multibillion dollar agricultural industry.

Headwaters Update

by by Bruce Haldane Now that the press is gone, police show open hostility to protesters and logging continues to the edge of the forest.

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