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Injunction Bars Headwaters "Salvage" Logging

by Nicholas Wilson For now, the Headwaters forest is safe, and environmentalists hope a debt-for-nature swap can be arranged to protect it from "salvage" logging, a loophole in state rules that allows timber companies to bypass review and public comment.

Highway 1 Repair Controversy

by Bruce Robinson A coalition of coastal activists win the battle to save historic and Native site from becoming Caltrans dumping ground.

FDA Intercepts Legal Drugs From Overseas

by David Sjostedt The Food and Drug Administration routinely seizes shipments of drugs imported from other countries by U.S. citizens, raising questions that the agency is more interested in protecting pharmaceutical company profits than consumer's health.

Mahogany is Murder, Activists Tell Coffin Makers

by Jeff Elliott Casket makers hear Rainforest Action Network protestors' plea to not use mahogany in expensive caskets because of impact on Amazon Natives; later, attendees joke about demonstration.

Billions Spend in Oil Subsidies

A new study by the Union of Concerned Scientists and CalPIRG finds staggering amounts spent each year to subsidize the oil and auto industries.

McLibel Trial to Focus on Working Conditions, Pay

by Bruce Tober As the McLibel trial resumes with more than 100 witnesses yet to be heard, the focus shifts to the corporation's labor conditions, pay policies and attitudes towards trade unions.

Carbon Monoxide Pollution Increases Risk of Heart Failure

Areas with high levels of carbon monoxide in the air have more incidents of heart failure.

Small Federal Budget Cuts in Foreign Aid Mean Big Problems

by Roy S. Carson The trivial savings resulting from federal cuts in humanitarian aid to South America will mean hardship for Guatemalan Indians.

Drifting Herbicides Have Unsuspected Impacts

by David Stauth New research suggests a new group of herbicides popular among some farmers may have devastating effects on other crops and native plants.

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