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Extremist Third Party Likely Next Year

by Skipp Porteous Right Wing Christians will form their own party unless Republicans nominate anti-choice Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates; other third-party news.

Privileged Exploit Program for Minorities, Poor

by Jeff Elliott A Small Business Administration program to help minorities and the poor appears to be routinely defrauded by whites and the wealthy.

Palm Terrace Campaign Moving Forward

by Bruce Robinson Grassroots coalition has option on Laguna property that town wants to save from development.

Danger in Linking Genetics to Criminal Behavior

by Tony Fitzpatrick Biologist warns that current research into genetic causes for criminal behavior is little different from discredited theory of eugenics.

Endangered Species Not Protected Says Interior Dept.

by Philip E. Daoust Only 22% of recently added species adquately protected, and situation likely to get worse under Republican changes.

Dramatic Protest by SF Rainforest Activists

Pair hangs banner from top of skyscraper to draw attention to Bank of California and Mitsubishi Bank funding of environmentally destructive projects.

Trees Vital to Air Quality

by David Stauth New research shows that trees play a critical role in absorbing carbon from fossil fuels, but could reach break-even point by the year 2020.

Kissinger Firm Loses Insurance After Indonesian Killings

by Andreas Harsono $100 million "political risk" insurance for huge gold mining project cancelled after questions raised about environmental damage, company involvement with murders.

Deep Breathing May Be Key to Asthma

New research suggests shallow breathing may be cause instead of pollen and pollution.

Dramatic New Photo of Star Creation

Never-before-seen pictures from NASA's Hubble telescope, plus a downloadable version not generally available to the public.

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