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State Loosens Gasoline Spill Cleanup Rules

by Jeff Elliott Without public comment or input from public health or environmental experts, California has announced a new policy for owners of sites contaminated by leaking underground fuel tanks: forget about it

Bear Lincoln Murder Charges Renewed

by Nicholas Wilson At the end of a preliminary hearing where both prosecution and defense unveil their arguments, Lincoln is again charged with the murder of his friend and deputy

Bleak Christmas for Detroit Newspaper Strikers

by Laura McCreery On the picket lines for more than five months, striking newspaper workers find themselves in dire need

Congressional Deal to Muzzle the Internet

by Craig A. Johnson Only a presidential veto can stop a new law that threatens free speech on the Internet

Global Warming no Longer Questioned

Science conference finds global warming proven, but conclusions are resisted by the "Carbon Club" nations that produce oil

NAFTA Environmental Protection Toothless, Say Critics

by Stephen Dale Failure to stop salvage logging shows the NAFTA environmental commission to be powerless

Military Wants More Arms Trafficking

"I'd much rather go to war against a country that has bought U.S. equipment" says Navy Rear Admiral, reflecting views of colleagues that America should try to sell more weapons abroad

U.S. Companies Still Export Banned Pesticides

by Haider Rizvi Illegal in this country, the United States exported at least 58 million pounds of the pesticides to more than twelve nations

Tim Ream Declares Victory, Ends Fast

On the 75th day of his fast to stop salvage logging, Ream asks environmentalists to call Congress and support a newly-introduced bill

Argentina's Dictatorship of the Perfect Body

by Marcela Valente Obsession with slimness and beauty leads Argentinean women to anorexia and cosmetic surgery in record numbers

Promising Anti-AIDS Compound in Native Plant

by Emil Venere A common bush used by Native Americans may prevent the AIDS virus from multiplying

Christmas Gifts for Corporate PAC's

Ralph Nader identifies ten corporations who received special treatment after making campaign donations

Ad Agency Offers Top 10 Flubs of 1995

by Steve Geimann And it seemed like such a good idea at the time...

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