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E-mail Effective Way to Reach Elected Officals

by Jeff Elliott Do your representatives in Washington and Sacramento read e-mail from constituents?

Kaiser Changes Worry Nurses

by Laura McCreery If Kaiser Hospital lays off 500 Oakland nurses, will patients be better served?

State Endangered Species Act at Risk

by Philip E. Daoust A battle in Sacramento is shaping up between environmentalists and the Wilson administration that wants to gut protection

Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement Grows

by Sam Monet Apparent suicide by activist brings call for recognition of Native rights

Should Smallpox Virus Be Destroyed?

by Judith Perera Philosophical and health questions arise over pending destruction of the last remaining samples of smallpox

Henry Hyde Sued for S&L Negligence

by Elaine Hopkins Besides lobbying for deregulation in the 1980's and accepting more than $100,000 from the Savings and Loan industry, the failure of his S&L cost taxpayers $72 million to bailout

No Prosecution of "Wise Use" Rebels

by Jane Hunter With dozens of Western county governments passing ordinances claiming national forest and rangeland and citizens illegally fencing off public property, few objections are made by the government

Medicare Fraud Widespread

by Jeff Elliott Medical equipment suppliers, laboratories, physicians, optometrists, and psychiatrists have illegally billed Medicare for billions in supplies and services not needed or delivered

Guyana Lifts Ban on "Cyanide River" Mine

by Bert Wilkinson Despite protests from environmentalists, the controversial South American gold mine that poured millions of gallons of cyanide-tainted waste into two important Guyanese rivers repopens

Common Algae May Harm Humans

Experiments on a common East Coast marine algae caused scientists memory loss, disorientation, mood swings, nausea and impaired immune systems

Russia's Nuclear Stockpile Rusting

by Judith Perera and Andrei Ivanov While the nuclear submarines sit crumbling at the docks, security forces are continuing their campaign against environmental groups working to expose the potential disaster in the Arctic

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