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Earth First! Answers Charges of Unabomber Link

by Nicholas Wilson Earth First! debunks claims of Unabomber connection broadcast on ABC-TV by revealing network informant is employed to timber industry

Ceremonies Mark Anniversary of Round Valley Killings

by Mark Heimann One year after the shootings of Leonard Peters and a Mendocino Deputy, their deaths are commemorated and the community meets to show support for Bear Lincoln

FBI Late in Key Wiretap Report

by Simson L. Garfinkel Very little public information has been released concerning the FBI's attempts to redesign the nation's telephone system, and the Bureau has delayed an important report to Congress

Cancer Treatment on Trial

by Stephanie Hiller A Georgia trial over an FDA ban on a cancer therapy may set an important precedent: does the government have the right to withhold potentially effective treatments from patients who face death?

Courts Limit Native Boycott Against Japanese Company

by Stephen Dale Facing a widespread boycott on behalf of a Canadian tribe, Japanese logging firm wins SLAPP suit limiting free speech

U.S. Rejects "Gulf War Syndrome," British Urge Study

by Judith Perera The Pentagon releases a report showing no cause for concern while British doctors find evidence of systemic nervous system damage

Russian Politics More Important Than Nuclear Safety

As the "G-7" summit of nuclear superpowers approaches, member nations downplay concerns about Russia's control over its stockpiles to ensure Yeltsin's reelection

Cautious Praise for "Green" U.S. Foreign Policy

by Pratap Chatterjee Environmentalists are skeptical that the U.S. will follow through on broad promises

Tribal Courts Fear Loss of Jurisdiction

by Binod Bhattarai U.S. court decisions chip away at the rights of Native Americans to control their destiny

Stress may Lessen Flu Shot Effectiveness

by Earle Holland A small-scale study suggests that people under stress only develop about half as many antibodies to fight influenza

"Beijing and Back" Class Motivates JC Students

by Stephanie Hiller Junior College class to implement 12-point Platform of Action developed at Beijing Conference draws national attention

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