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Editor Jailed for Refusing to Surrender "Bear" Lincoln Letter

by Nicholas Wilson AVA editor Bruce Anderson jailed on contempt, but cites journalistic principles

Debate Over What Qualifies as "Organic" Food

by Stephen Dale Misuse of term "organic" threatens credibility of farmers and food producers who maintain highest standards

Moscow's Secret Nuclear Waste Nightmare

by Andrei Ivanov Hundreds of forgotten nuclear waste dumps are near Russian capitol

SF "Pioneer" Plaque Changed, New Calls for Library Statue Removal

by Diana Scott Arts Commission changes plaque, but mounting protests against old San Francisco statue in front of new city library

U.S. to Burn Toxic Biochemical Arsenal

by Malcolm Howard Army is preparing to incinerate 30,000 tons of chemical and biological weapons, but critics worried about safety

Appeal Expected in "Prophet's" Bomb Plot Conviction

by Bill Johnson Bomb-making militia follower testified he was "just having a friendly conversation" when he discussed blowing up bridge

Canadian Fishers Resent Native Rights

by Barbara Borst British Columbia fishermen denounce government decision to allow Native group to catch over 10 percent of salmon in river

Brazilian Gold Rush Symptom of Poverty

by Ulisses Capozoli Thousands of poor, desparate men hope to mine gold, but find confrontation with army, mine owners

Could People Live to 120?

by Eric Mankin USC scientists use a well-known mathematical relation to recalculate the potential human life span

"Woefully Inadequate" U.N. Actions to Ban Landmines

Red Cross condemns U.N. and U.S. lack of commitment to landmine ban, which kill or maim about 26,000 annually, mostly innocent civilians

Antibiotics Less Effective Than Ever, Says WHO

by Judith Perera World Health Organization sees possibility of major epidemics as more diseases develop resistance to antibiotics

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