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Public Art: Whose Version of History?

by Diana Scott Native Americans protest revival of old San Francisco statue in front of new city library

Clinton Backslides on Forest Protection

by Philip E. Daoust Clinton appears to have abandoned his promise to help repeal the "salvage rider" law endangering old-growth forests

Paint, Oil Companies Win Lead-Poison Fund Case

by Steven Barmazel Companies will not have to contribute to fund for treatment of lead poisoning in children under six

State Senator Tied to Freemen Movement

by Jeff Elliott Southern California Senator filed 1992 papers in Santa Rosa renouncing U.S., state citizenship in favor of a "white man's citizenship" that released him from obligation to pay income taxes

Hundreds of Immigrants Die at Texas-Mexico Border

Stepped-up border patrols will cause more deaths, while most illegal immigration is by people who enter with valid tourist visas

Illinois Dispute Brings up Specter of East Timor

by Farhan Haq A union fighting a three month lock-out claims company owners are linked to the 1975 massacre

New Discovery Defies Indian Migration Theory

by Jim Lobe New discoveries in the Amazon may debunk popular theories about Native people crossing Bering strait land bridge

Guyana to Examine Gold Mining Damage

by Bert Wilkinson After the "cyanide river" disaster last August, the government is about to track environmental damage for the first time

Nuclear Testing Legacy Remains

by Elaine Hopkins While aboveground nuclear testing in the U.S. is long over, the veterans and workers that participated die lingering deaths

Poverty Lowers IQ, Study Says

Living in poverty has a measurable effect on children's intellegence, debunking claims made by "Bell Curve" claims of racial inferiority

Flap Over Confederate Flag at Atlanta Olympics

by Farhan Haq Protests over the Confederate "stars and bars" on the Georgia flag flying over the 1996 Olympics at Atlanta

U.S. Firm Exports Hazardous Pesticide

by Haider Rizvi Uniroyal Corp. sells hazardous pesticide overseas even though it has been withdrawn from domestic markets for "health and safety reasons"

Florida Spinach Wars

by Arjay Morgan Vietnamese farmers are battling the state for right to grow a traditional plant that Florida considers a noxious weed

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