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Headwaters Protests

by Bruce Haldane and Jentri Anders The largest crowd ever to protest logging in this country cheer when it is announced that Headwaters is least for another week. Exclusive photos from Nicholas Wilson and LightHawk

Eyewitnesses Report on Rainforest Cyanide Disaster

by Jan Roberts New reports from Guyana show gold mine spill of cyanide-treated wastewater is even worse than first believed.

Little Control of Off-Road Vehicles on Public Land

by Jeff Elliott A GAO report shows little attention is paid to damage done by off-road vehicles in National Parks and wilderness areas.

Scientists Defend Endangered Species Act

by David Stauth Under attack by a conservative Congress, the Endangered Species Act needs to be strengthened, not weakened.

Watchdog Group Tracks Military Waste

by Frank Sietzen, Jr. While spending more on the military than the entire world combined, billions are found to be wasted or lost.

Whites Unprepared to Become Future Minority

by Cathy Keen In about fifty years, whites will become an ethnic minority in this country. With an eye to this future, shouldn't we be trying more to help blacks and other groups today?

West Publishing Puts Itself up for Sale

by James Love, Taxpayer Assets Project Controversial legal publisher and topic of this issue's main feature announces surprise restructuring of company.

Concealed Weapons Laws Increase Homicides

University of Maryland study is opposite of claims by National Rifle Association.

Rainforest Lumber Brings Big Bucks at Election Time

by Roy S. Carson South American nation eager to ink deal with loggers for up to 20 million acres of rainforest.

Boom in Florida as Weed is Harvested as Natural Cure

by Cindy Spence A common weed is found to aid men suffering with prostate enlargement and has berry-pickers dodging rattlesnakes.

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