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National Parks Deteriorating, Says GAO

by Jeff Elliott Our national parks are falling apart at an increasing rate with little being done by Park Service

Church Burning Shakes Up Segregated Town

by Martha Honey Volunteers from around the world join in effort to rebuild three black churches burned in tiny Alabama town

Water Quality Tests Miss Significant Health Risk

New study calls failure to detect parasite in drinking water a significant public health threat

CIA Funded Contras With Crack Sales

Remarkable series in San Jose Mercury News proves connections between Nicaraguan rebels and U.S. drug smuggling

Ojibwe Activist Named Green Party VP

by Aaron Osterby Winona LaDuke, a prominent Minnesota Ojibwe and grass roots political activist, accepted the vice presidential nomination of the Green Party

Nader on Clinton, Environment

In Pacifica radio interview Nader slams Clinton over environmental, corporate politicking

August Setbacks to Net Free Speech

by David Hipschman Princeton University and several nations try to censor students, citizens, or residents in other countries

Global Enviro Protections At Risk, Groups Warn

by Paul Weinberg Agreements on ozone protection, endangered species, and toxic waste could be overturned by World Trade Organization in December

Communities Printing Local Money

by Binod Bhattarai Movement in Madison and 30 other cities to print community money

EPA Names Top U.S. Polluters

by Pratap Chatterjee Dupont and mining giant Asarco are the top U.S. polluters, counting both smokestack emissions and Dupont's long history of injecting toxics underground

Industry Trusted To Report Toxics

by Gaynell Terrell On the honor system to report their own pollution, no independent auditing of industry reports on 651 chemicals and compounds that must be monitored

Fish Decline Must Stop, Experts Say

by Marguerite Abadjian Noting that almost all commercial species are over-exploited or depleted, marine biologists call for allowing fish populations to rebuild

Farm Workers Battle Mushroom Giant

by Eyal Press UFW targets world's leading producer of mushroom spawn, where immigrants earn below poverty-level wages

Dump Smokey The Bear, Say Enviros

by Pratap Chatterjee Message is working against forest policy for controlled burns

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