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Fighting for Community

by Stephanie Hiller Measure E and the fight by unions and health care activists to reclaim Community Hospital

Dole TV Adman Found Doctoring Images

by Jeff Elliott One of Dole's top producers of TV ads is fired in Virginia for creating false images for Republican candidate

20,000 Now Considered Gulf War Syndrome Risk

by Judith Perera Although Czech soldiers say chemical agents were detected in the early days of the Gulf War, up to 100,000 Americans did nothing to protect themselves

Trouble Ahead for Sierra Nevada

Study finds area at risk -- some parts have cleanest air in nation, but along the west side, ozone and small particulates from Central Valley sources creep up the mountainside, resulting in some of the worst air pollution in U.S.

CIA Funded Contras With Crack Sales

Remarkable series in San Jose Mercury News proves connections between Nicaraguan rebels and U.S. drug smuggling

East Timor Nobel Peace Prize Embarrassment to Clinton

by Peter Zirnite Pressure growing on Clinton to confront U.S. support of Indonesian military atrocities

Indonesian Clinton Donor Tied to Christian Right

by Andreas Harsono Includes important summary of recent news concerning connections between Clinton and Indonesian banking giant The Lippo Group

Logging Creating "Mahogany Deserts" In Tropics

by Monte Basgall Replacing the many stately mahoganies felled by loggers in tropical forests will not be simple, warns Duke University researcher

NAFTA Low Profile in Presidential Race

by Diego Cevallos Only illegal immigration and relations with Cuba are mentioned by presidential candidates

NAFTA-Based Lawsuit Angers Activists

by Stephen Dale Concern that it is part of a larger, disturbing trend where environmental laws around the globe are being challenged as trade impediments

World Bank Dam "Monument To Corruption"

by Abid Aslam Nine years behind schedule and billions of dollars over budget, South American dam has turned into a massive liability

State Genetic Discrimination Laws Debated

by Ann Stoltz California passes one law to protect privacy of genetic information and considers another bill

Gene Piracy of Third World

by Andrew Kimbrell Corporations that exploit indigenous plants commercially without paying the countries owning the resources are also patenting human genes

First "Super Crop" Harvest Spurs Critics

by Binod Bhattarai As millions of genetically engineered "super crops" are being harvested for the first time, activists want to stop this revolution before it takes root

AIDS Epidemic in Former USSR

by Sergei Strokan Although AIDS is expected to have an impact to equal Chernobyl, there are currently no national anti-AIDS programs

Nitrogen Pollution Accelerating, Study Finds

Caused by use of inorganic nitrogen fertilizers following WW II, and atmospheric pollution from fossil fuel

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