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The Asian Money-Connection

by Jim Hightower

Too unbelievable to be a movie

In Hollywood, there's something known as "The Pitch."

This is when a writer or director pitches a movie idea to a studio executive, trying to get financing for the film.

So let me pitch this movie idea to you. It's about a U.S. president running for re-election. In a sort of James Bond plot development, he takes millions of dollars in campaign contributions from Asian bankers and corporations -- the very guys who are moving U.S. jobs to Indonesia, China and other low-wage hell-holes.

Then I've got a sort of Peter Lorre character. This guy is an Asian-American go-between who previously worked for an Indonesian billionaire, but was hired by this president to work in the Commerce Department, where he raises money for the president's re-election from his Asian connections, while also doing governmental favors for the Asians.

But in the last month of the presidential campaign, this Asian money-connection leaks out to the media. Whoa -- high drama! What does the president do? Cool as a cucumber, he just stonewalls it, refusing even to file his list of campaign contributors, as required by law. Amazingly, he gets away with this! (Hey, it's Hollywood, so you have to suspend belief sometimes.)

The president wins re-election, even though more than half of eligible voters are so disgusted with the corrupt money PIGOUT that they don't vote, and another ten percent vote third party.

But here's the blockbuster plot-twist at the end: What is the FIRST THING the president does after the election? He takes a trip to Asia! It's a trip to cut a trade deal with Asian leaders and global corporations to move more American jobs to these low-wage hell-holes.

Wow! Would you buy my movie? Nah, too unbelievable. Two thumbs down.

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