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Why the Pentagon Has Been Covering Up Gulf War Syndrome

by Eric Margolis Not since World War I had troops been so intensively exposed to a lethal soup of environmentally toxic elements -- which the US and England supplied to Iraq

The Asian Money-Connection

by Jim Hightower Clinton's Asian money deals would make an unbelievable movie

Workfare May Make Things Tougher

by David Bacon Workfare creates no new jobs, and forces welfare recipients into a job market already glutted with the unemployed, and offers no guarantee of an eventual permanent job paying a livable wage

Behind Peru's Hostage Drama

by Andrew Reding The unfolding hostage drama in Peru is only one symptom of a disorder now spreading through large portions of Latin America; from Mexico to Colombia to Peru, insurgencies are gaining strength. Behind this instability is a widening gap between rich and poor -- particularly between Native Americans

British Media Expose CIA-Cocaine Links

by Norman Solomon Although British reporters have tied the CIA to cocaine smuggling via the contras, the U.S. press remains curiously mum

Corporation Ebonics

by Ted Rall "White male executives from the suburbs have developed a completely separate language system from other Americans, " says expert

Fortune's Wheel

by Alexander Cockburn Politics, celebrity, fortune both good and bad has its cycles


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