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Development Linked to Flooding, Researcher Says

by Jeff Elliott New study shows that real estate development in urban watersheds can dramatically add to downstream runoff, causing flooding

Storm Washes Urban Pollutants Into River

by Jeff Elliott With the floods come tons of toxics, washed from Santa Rosa streets and suburban backyards

Oregon Clearcuts Caused Landslide Deaths

by Jeffrey St. Clair Despite 150 landslides in the past 10 months at one of the most heavily logged areas in western Oregon and 8 recent deaths, timber giants say they have no plans to alter their logging schedule or clearcutting methods

US Forests in Danger Because USDA Eases Rules

by James Ridgeway and Jeffrey St. Clair New wave of invading pests and diseases shipped into the country, the result of rising -- and increasingly unregulated -- foreign trade

Evangelicals Mostly Alienated Activists, Study Finds

by David Williamson Resentful of other groups that they think have special privileges or advantages, they support the Christian Coalition and give to conservative politicians -- but are also concerned about racism and give generously to the poor

Russian Enviro Whistleblower Free -- For Now

by Andrei Ivanov and Judith Perera Release from prison seen as victory for Norwegian environmental organization seeking to publicize public danger of Russia's rusting nuclear stockpile

Three Different Kinds of Gulf War Sickness, Report Says

by Kris Mullen Texas researchers have identified three different Gulf War syndromes tied directly to exposure of particular chemicals

Native People Demanding Rights, Protecting Culture

by Abid Aslam Guerrilla armies in Mexico, Guatemala and Peru with large numbers of indigenous fighters, Canadian bands fighting corporations in court are part of a larger movement to reclaim lost ground

Corporations "Greenwash" Enviro Image

by David Helvarg At the same time companies are trying to convince the public that they are trusted environmental stewards, their officials are working to gut environmental laws and regulations

Study: Media Unintentionally Distorts Child Vaccine Risks

by David Williamson Few U.S. newspapers corrected an earlier report that mistakenly said that Miss America's deafness resulted from a routine vaccination -- just one of many news reports that have caused a growing public fear of childhood vaccines

Cooking Smoke Serious Global Health Risk

by Tony Fitzpatrick "In one of the villages we visited in Brazil, every woman had cataracts, and only one of the men did," notes researcher who says over half the world's population cooks over primitive stoves

Anti-Enviro Oregon Rep Back in Congress

by Russell Sadler Returning to the House is Bob Smith, a supporter of big timber, mining, and cattle

Audubon Christmas Bird Count Underway

Nearly 50,00 people each year volunteer their time to record sightings of birds for the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count

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