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Land Grab in the Sky

by Frank Beacham In what may be the largest corporate welfare handout in American history, the Clinton Administration has agreed to give the nation's over-the-air television broadcasters more than $35 billion worth of new digital channels free of charge

"Saving" Social Security

by Jim Hightower The fact is, there is no Social Security crisis, but we'll all have a crisis if we let Newt Gingrich's Gang of "Reformers" get their hands on our retirement money

The Simpson Case and the Decline of TV News

by Randolph T. Holhut When the announcement of a verdict in the civil trial of O.J. Simpson went head-to-head with President Clinton's State of the Union address, viewers got to see the clash of news values in the newsrooms of the TV networks

On the American View of Torture

by Lucy Komisar What horrible measures were so much worse than electrical torture that they were deleted from the declassified document? Was it "If death is expected to result?"

A CIA Guide to Business Management

By Ted Rall Managers should easily adapt to the role of torturer in a workplace where most Americans already feel like victims

Repressive Nations Offer Most "Economic Freedom"

by Norman Solomon The Wall Street Journal and Heritage Foundation name the countries offering great business opportunities

Al Gore's Gift to Billionaires

by Alexander Cockburn The giveaway of billions of dollars worth of the broadcasting spectrum is payback for political donations


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