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New Congress Pushes For Restrictions

by Jeff Elliott Anti-abortion proponents in the 105th Congress rush to introduce laws to restrict, defund, or outlaw abortion

Bombings Target Clinics, Federal Officers

by James Ridgeway Federal agents are the dire enemy of far-right terrorists, and one extremist said, "I could envision a covert organization developing, something like a prolife IRA"

More Questions About Asian Clinton Donations

"Foreign counterintelligence component" elevates the seriousness of the fund-raising controversy involving Indonesian banking firm and China

Timber Industry "Out of Control," Agency Says

by Gar Smith The price of mahogany and teak has nearly tripled, triggering a frenzied rush to capture and log the world's remaining forests, with Asian timber companies planning to log nearly 15 percent of the Amazon's harvestable trees

CIA Manual Explains Mystery of 'Disappeared'

by Carlos Castilho CIA disclosures by the Baltimore Sun, along with other evidence compiled by activists in Honduras has produced a wealth of detail on the abuses committed by the military

Endangered Animals on Restaurant Menus

by Teena Amrit Gill Besides "exotic delicacies," Chinese pharmaceutical companies have pushed the highly sophisticated poaching of animals further into South Asia before

Ignore Science, PR Advisors Tell Food Makers

by Joel Bleifus Food corporations taught how to put the best spin possible on products like NutraSweet and Olestra

Smokestack Companies Blow Off Smog Rules

by Jeffrey St. Clair Studies at the Harvard Medical School estimate that 60,000 people in the United States die prematurely every year from respiratory illnesses and heart attacks linked to air pollution

Favorable Supreme Court Decision Could Break Two-Party System

by Christine Stavem The U.S. Supreme Court soon may decide to give a helping hand to such third-party candidates who want to break the stranglehold Democrats and Republicans have on U.S. politics

Prison Labor is Multi-Billion Dollar Business

by Farhan Haq Prison labor has become big business in state and an expanding number of privately run facilities; what if private firms like Wackenhut and CCA earn so much from running prison facilities that they have an incentive to keep people in jail?

Climate Change Effects on Biodiversity Found

"Future global climate change -- whether natural or man-made -- could further affect the richness of life on Earth," researchers found

Growing Cancer Threat Among Native Americans

by Lois Baker Cancer rates are growing two and a half times faster for Native Americans and they have the poorest cancer survival rates of any racial group in the United States, but few health providers know facts

End Water Subsidy or Face Droughts, Study Warns

by Roger Segelken End irrigation subsidies and reward conservation, Cornell water-resources study advises Burgeoning world population and global warming threaten business-as-usual, but change is possible

Lawn, Garden Pesticides are Child Risk Indoors

You could be bringing dangerous chemicals into your home that will linger in carpets and household dust for a year or more, according to a recent study

Breast Cancer Patients Demand Role in Treatment

by Elizabeth Meade Howard As the incidence of breast cancer rises, survivors support one another by sharing their experiences, lobbying for funding of breast cancer research, and in recent years, representatives of this movement have even gotten themselves seats on medical review panels directing the use of research dollars

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