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Latest information on Bari's death, lawsuit against FBI and Oakland police

California Policymakers to Rethink Dams

by Pratap Chatterjee The water control systems were not designed to prevent so-called once-in-a-century floods, and maintenance neglect adds to problem

Three Mile Island Cancer "Extremely High"

Contradicting the landmark study on the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident, researcher says cancer rates up to 700 times higher, and calls for investigation

Special Interests Hiding Behind "Grassroot" Ballot Items

by Stephanie Limb Becoming another vehicle for wealthy special interests to unduly influence public policy

CIA Whistleblower Says Clinton Won't Confront Agency

by Jim Lobe The Clinton administration is unwilling or unable to control the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), according to a senior official who was punished for informing Congress about CIA wrongdoing in Guatemala

Logging Main Threat to Last "Frontier Forests"

New study takes issue with recent reports by the World Bank and the Food and Agriculture Organisation which blamed much of the threat to frontier forests on the encroachment of peasants who practice "slash-and-burn" agriculture before

Gov. Wilson Sabotaged Anti-Tobacco Effort, Groups Charge

by Jeff Elliott Health advocacy groups say that Wilson has hampered anti-smoking campaign because of tobacco industry contributions and "undermining [of] these programs is as cynical as it is calculated"

Alcohol Poses Double Risk For Youth

by Rebecca Levine As little as two drinks could inhibit learning and memory in a young person

Children Absorb More From TV Than Books

Across the board, children who watched television "news reports" recalled more than children who read printed versions

Mexico, Columbia Scramble for Drug Certification

by Diego Cevallos and Yadira Ferrer U.S. "performance-based certification" again raises questions whether the world's biggest drug user, the United States, has the right to pass judgment on countries with drug trafficking problems

University Pulls the Plug on Free Speech

by Christine Stavem Pacifica Radio Network's national daily political show "Democracy Now," featuring commentary by death row inmate Mumia Abu-Jamal, is cancelled at very last minute in Pennsylvania

Global Climate Talks Were "Disaster," Says Greenpeace

by Ramesh Jaura Talks ended on March 7 without an outright commitment to serious cuts in global emissions of greenhouse gases

U.S. Stalling on Climate Protection, WWF Says

by Ramesh Jaura "Misguided effort to appease" oil and coal industries that claim emissions reductions would hurt national economies

250 Tribes Wait for U.S. Recognition

by Mark Matthews Native groups face daunting bureaucracy to be officially recognized with tribal status

End Sanctions, Corporations Tell Feds

by Jim Lobe In the opening shot of a long-anticipated campaign by U.S. corporations, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is calling for the United States to abandon its widespread use of unilateral economic sanctions

Guyana Kicks Out Unification Church

by Bert Wilkinson Less than three months after their arrival, Guyana orders mass expulsion of a group of 121 mostly Japanese members of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's controversial Unification Church

U.S. Warns UN: Hands Off Our Privileges

by Thalif Deen UN Security Council is heavily weighted in favor of industrial nations and is not representative of the world body, but superpowers want veto and other special rights

A River Comes Clean, 1,000 Volunteers Later

by William Bole After clearing 200 tons of rubble and spending eight years, community has reclaimed its river for the public

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