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The Child Porn on Your Newsstand

by Michael C. Nelson The exploitation of JonBenet Ramsey continues as tabloids print a seemingly inexhaustible supply of glamour shots of the girl

Fishing for Last Rights

by Karen Leonard A death-rights activist goes fishing for a Death Certificate in Lake County and finds bureacrats afraid of illegal dead immigrants

New Rules for the Spy Game

by Eric Margolis Germany kicks out U.S. spies as this country and Europe increasingly take different sides in middle east conflicts

Media Encouraged Clinton's Embrace of Fatcats

by Norman Solomon Back in early 1993, top White House aides defended Clinton's first budget by boasting of its "pro-business slant." Since then, the dominant news media have demanded -- and gotten -- a president striving to satisfy the centers of financial power

Clinton's Education Scam

by Alexander Cockburn Clinton's educational reforms will result in a database to allow tracking students from pre-kindergarten through high school, with records of "behavioral problems" and learning disabilities


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