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No Resolution in Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute

by Terril L. Shorb The much-anticipated March 31 deadline has passed in the century-old dispute over Navajo and Hopi tribal lands in Northcentral Arizona, but many crucial issues remain unsettled and little has been resolved

Coal Mining, Justice Dept. Behind Dispute

by Farhan Haq Navajo spokesperson says disputed land is being eyed by several U.S. coal mining companies, including Peabody Coal Co., for its rich coal deposits

Deadline Looms in U.S.-Native Standoff

by Terril L. Shorb Tensions are rising in Northcentral Arizona as a Navajo group faces a March 31st deadline to abandon or lease their long-disputed land or face forcible eviction by authorities

Judi Bari Archives

Latest information on Bari's death, lawsuit against FBI and Oakland police

Decade Spent Trying to Deport Fund-Raisers

by Alice Tallmadge U.S. determined to deport Palestinians, although the law under which they were originally charged was found unconstitutional and was repealed by Congress in 1990

Tax Protestors Declaring "Sovereignty"

by Thomas Goetz As April 15 approaches, the "sovereign citizen" movement recruits new blood through their promise of no taxes

Opposition Growing to Home Depot Chain

by Daniel Zoll While the company moves towards international markets, grassroots opposition to Home Depot's continuing expansion in the United States is increasing

Election Analysis Shows Voters Still Hate Moderates

by Leonard Williams and Neil Wollman Liberal democrats and conservative republicans again beat out moderates in 1996 election analysis

World Increasingly Dependent on Record Harvests

by Kathleen O'Toole Technology enhances good growing conditions more than it helps mitigate against poor ones, and so the variability from year to year is larger as less food being stored

UN Reports: Food and Water Crisis Ahead

by Farhan Haq Unless attitudes change, 2 out of 3 people will worry where to find water, thirty years from now

Pacific Islanders Form Historic Anti-Nuke Coalition

by Stu Dawrs Accuse western powers of "crimes of nuclear colonialism," ranging from "rape of Mother Earth" to the use of indigenous people as human guinea pigs

Panama Asks: Who Will Pay For Military Cleanup?

by Silvio Hernandez As at other bases, military claims it doesn't have manpower or time to cleanup pollution or safety hazards before base is to be turned over

Former Panther Leader May Get New Trial

by Reginald Major After 26 years in prison, Geronimo (Pratt) Ji Jaga finally gets hearing in case that rested on FBI informant

Ban Electro-shock Devices, Says Amnesty International

U.S. is largest manufacturer of stun guns and other devices used to torture and maim

Doctors Flunk Genetic Testing, Report Finds

Results of a nationwide survey show that most patients who underwent genetic testing for a gene linked with colon cancer did not receive adequate genetic counseling or give their written informed consent for the test, and 1 out of 3 doctors didn't understand the test

Antioxidants May Block Cancer "Signals"

Researchers may have identified how oxidants can worsen cancerous cell growth and how antioxidants can suppress it

Public Health May Require World Court

Current environmental standards do not meet the health needs of the world's people, so new public health standards must be developed and backed by a global environmental court

The Problem With Pinnipeds

by Andrea Granahan Any Star Trek fan can tell you that the trouble with tribbles is that they're wonderfully adorable but multiply dangerously fast. But the fictional trouble with tribbles is nothing compared to the very real life problem with pinnipeds -- those cute creatures we all love to watch cavort, sea lions and seals

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