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WARNING: Feminism is Hazardous to Your Health

by Ruth Conniff Conservative "think-tanks" are now claiming that feminists and the media have managed to persuade women that they are suffering the symptoms of strange diseases

U.S. In Arms Race With Itself

by Jim Hightower Before we shell-out $70 billion on the new warplanes shouldn't we ask whether we can afford it and whether we even need it?

The Pentagon's Tax Bite

by Jim Hightower Remember those $1,200 toilet seats, $600 hammers and other rip-offs the Pentagon was buying from its pampered contractors in the 1980s? Well, don't look now, but ... they're baaaack

Clinton and Democrats Dishonor FDR

by Randolph T. Holhut While the social welfare programs created by FDR helped millions of people by stabilizing the excesses of the boom-and-bust business cycle, Clinton and the Democrats turn their backs on protection for the weakest or misfortunate

Great News -- Your Wages Aren't Going Up

by Norman Solomon The front page of The New York Times trumpeted at the end of April the latest economic news with a cheery headline -- "Markets Surge as Labor Costs Stay in Check"

The Mexico the Press Didn't See

by Norman Solomon Far from media spotlights, the Mexican military -- wielding U.S. equipment -- is on the march to bolster the status quo

Mexican Reformers Need Help From Outsiders

by Lucy Komisar For the first time in 70 years, the combined opposition parties could win the July election -- but reformers worry about the militarization of Mexico being carried out under the guise of fighting drug traffickers or guerrillas


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