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Possible Mistrial in Bear Lincoln Case

by Nicholas Wilson Potential juror tells court that while waiting in the hallway to be called, a deputy told him that Lincoln had confessed to killing, but not to say who told him

McLibel" Activists Win Mixed Victory

by Jeff Elliott Company manipulates children, is "culpable" in animal cruelty, but burger empire won other points at $16 million cost to prosecute

UFO Believers Swayed by TV, Researcher Finds

by Beth Forbes Effect of news stories about UFOs is particularly important given the number of people who are uncertain about their beliefs, and that many viewers see only portions of a program, segments that are not balanced may be accepted by audience members without any critical scrutiny

Officer Guilty in Shooting Death of Canadian Native

by Pearce Bannon A packed Ontario courtroom exploded in cheers in late April as a judge proclaimed Provincial Police Sgt. Kenneth Deane responsible for the death of Anthony "Dudley" George, an unarmed Native man protesting for the return of ancestral land

Killer Cop Gets Community Service Punishment

by Pearce Bannon Cries of "murderer" pierced the courtroom after a judge sentenced Deane to a no-jail sentence of two years less a day

B.C. Sundancers Aquitted in 1995 Military Standoff

by Pearce Bannon Innocent on most serious charges, but guilty of "mischief to property"

World Bank Projects May Increase Global Warming

by Pratap Chatterjee Recently approved projects will add 36 billion tons of carbon dioxide to the world's atmosphere, and if other Bank projects are included, increase could easily top 10 times the current annual global greenhouse gas emissions

U'wa Tribe: Stop Oil Drilling or we Commit Mass Suicide

by Yadira Ferrer Leader declared his community preferred suicide -- "a worthy death" rather than to "die at the hands of those who come to exploit them"

Drop Latin America Anti-Drug Rules, Leaders Tell U.S.

by Abraham Lama Although U.S. delegation insisted that Organization of American states agreement did not allude to "certification," group calls policy offensive

Protests as Australia Abandons Alternative Energy

by Wilson da Silva New conservative government led by Prime Minister John Howard drops innovative program just as other nations redouble efforts

"Wise Use" Conference in D.C.

by Danielle Knight Workshop and seminar topics revolved around media and grassroots organizing strategies against U.S. environmental policy, as well as against international environmental policy such as those supported by the United Nations

Europe's First Desert in the Making

by Andrei Ivanov and Judith Perera About 80 percent of one Russian republic affected by desertification caused by massive irrigation programs for large scale farming, industrialization and the start of mining

White Power Movement Targets Northern Michigan

by Robert Downes Area to be site of "White Power Woodstock" concert in early July, community rises in protest

Latin America Debt Destroying Decades of Land Reforms

by Maricel Sequeira Land ownership returning to the privileged few and the poor rural majority of the population still has no access to credit, technology and the markets

Proposed EPA Standard Finds Much Rural Air Quality Poor

A day in the country may not be as healthy as you think, according to new air pollution standards proposed by the U.S. EPA, with nearly half the sites in Eastern U.S. deemed unacceptable

Arctic Natives, Wildlife Threatened by Pollution Says WWF

Indigenous peoples and wildlife and in the region among the most highly exposed populations on earth

Rio Plus Five and Going Backward

by Donella H. Meadows Only non-governmental groups offered meaningful messages at Rio enviro conference

Rio Failure is Wake-up Call

by Farhan Haq For the first time at a major U.N. conference, there were no significant new international commitments, caused by breakdown of goodwill between the North and the South

Media Just Doesn't Get the Message

by Thalif Deen A recent worldwide survey revealed that public interest in environmental issues has increased significantly , but newspapers, radio and television have not responded to this rising public interest

New Global Enviro Agency Proposed

by Thalif Deen In the wake of Rio failures, four nations want to create a new U.N. body toanswer to the world's growing environmental ills

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