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Canyon on the Brink

by Mary R. Furbee The beautiful 1,500-foot-deep Blackwater Canyon, advertised as the "crown jewel" of West Virginia, has been sold to a logging company

Show Me The Boodle

by Jim Tynen Boodle is the whole mindset: that money is the object of government; that the system can be manipulated, yet still yield a profit for the voters; that anything besides money is ridiculous

New Book Reveals Media Inner Workings

by Farhan Haq Collection by Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon is a devastating, if often funny, portrait of the U.S. media's inner workings

"McLibel" Type Lawsuits May Happen in U.S.

by Randolph T. Holhut Despite our Constitutional protections, more than half the states have or are considering laws that protect products made by big business against criticism

Wired Magazine's Phony "Revolution"

by Norman Solomon Calling itself the journal of "the Digital Revolution," it really worships huge corporations now gaining unprecedented control over systems of mass communication

Buyout Threat Looms For Public Broadcasting

by Norman Solomon With their industry bloated by mergers and buyouts, commercial broadcasters are now drooling over frequencies long reserved as "noncommercial"

Why There's No "Public" In Public Broadcasting

by Randolph T. Holhut Public stations are now so dependent on corporate underwriting that the only programming that fills the schedule either furthers the interests of the corporate underwriters or is safe, controversy-free fare such as nature documentaries, opera, ballet and recycled BBC dramas

The Death of Our National Forests

by Alexander Cockburn Using the pretext of catastrophic fire and the slippery techniques of "consensus building," the forest destroyers are even now pushing through Congress a bill to double the amount of logging in national forests

Susan McDougal, One Tough Woman

by Alexander Cockburn Why is Susan McDougal still on lockdown in prison, other than to feed the vindictiveness of Kenneth Starr?


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