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Chasing Celebrities to Death

by Walt Brasch No one takes responsibility, -- not the paparazzi, nor the media, nor the world-wide public whose insatiable demands for fuzzy pictures drove the media to sell their editorial souls for circulation revenue

The Dow...And the Rest of Us

by Jim Hightower One analyst simply said: "It doesn't get any better than this," but meanwhile, back down on earth, the economic reality for the workaday majority definitely could get better

If Everybody Had Work

by Dick Meister Congress passed bills -- in 1946 and again in 1978 -- calling for "full employment" programs providing jobs for all Americans who were able and willing to work, but the legislation was filled with loopholes and has been virtually ignored; some union leaders feel the only answer is a constitutional amendment

On The Intel Assembly Line, Sunday's a 12-Hr. Workday

by Russell Sadler Increasing numbers of employers demand 12-hour days, but that will not be limited to the high technology industry -- the retail and service industries are trying to force society into a 24-hour world

Worshipping The Wealthy

by Norman Solomon We may resent the Lord of Microsoft and the lesser gods, but the media culture of worship seems almost overpowering

The Diana Cult

by Alexander Cockburn The Diana cult -- for what else can we call it? -- offers her as the people's princess, but this is merely the sleight of hand of the old fairy tales

Rudolph Giuliani's School For Torture

by Alexander Cockburn No, of course, the New York mayor didn't say, "Take a Haitian into the john and torture him" -- he just wanted a pacification program, the same way the instigators of My Lai did


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