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Key Court Victory for Bari in FBI Lawsuit

by Nicholas Wilson Sufficient evidence to require nine of the officers to face trial on claims of false arrest, illegal search and seizure, and conspiracy to disrupt Bari's political and environmental advocacy through Earth First!

Mendocino D.A. Found in Contempt

by Nicholas Wilson Serra claims this kind of censure is unique

Angry Sheriff Charges Press Democrat With Bias

by Jeff Elliott Press release from Tuso still blames Lincoln

Lincoln Press Conference: Heal Community by Accepting Verdict

by Nicholas Wilson Press conference with Serra, juror spokesperson, others

Bear Lincoln Interview

by Nicholas Wilson Prosecution for sake of adding years to prison sentence now moot

U'wa Tell Court: Mass Suicide Unless Oil Drilling Stops

by Danielle Knight The U'wa peoples of Colombia, who are threatening to walk en masse off a 1,400 foot cliff, take their case against oil company to the Organization of American States InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights

U.S. Doing Unethical Experiments In Third World, Says Med Journal

by Jim Lobe A blistering editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine compared ongoing experiments in Third World with the notorious Tuskegee study, where poor African-American men with syphilis were studied over four decades without being provided treatment

Indonesia Fires Drive Endangered Orangutans Into Arms Of Wildlife Traders

by Sunny Lewis Many endangered species, including the orangutan, are being driven straight into the arms of illegal wildlife traders by the forest fires that are raging across Indonesia, according to zoologist

Indonesia Haze Exposes Past Enviro Sins

by Johanna Son The Indonesian government -- which blamed the disaster first on small farmers and then on El Nino -- was forced to apologize and admit for the first time that the fires were caused by timber companies that had long been flouting rules against clearing land by fire

Amazon Fires Worse Than Indonesia's

by Danielle Knight Almost 25,000 fires appeared this year, and parts of Amazon near limit of staying green during the dry season

U.S. Oak Forests Dying From Lack Of Fires

by Kelli Whitlock Without fires, it appears that midwestern oak-dominated forests may disappear, causing an ecological change unprecedented in modern times

Nature Preserve Ideal For Korean DMZ

by Danielle Knight Researcher notes uninhabited by humans for the past 45 years, the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that separates North and South Korea has become an unlikely sanctuary for the region's endangered animals and plant species

Australian Racism Drawing International Scorn

by Wilson da Silva Nation being forced to confront genocide of Native people, racist platforms of current politicians

" Abortion Services" Debate Snarls Payment of U.N. Dues

by Farhan Haq While U.N. officials repeatedly have asserted the United Nations does not provide abortions anywhere in the world, the world body's refusal to adopt the "pro-life" politics of the Christian right has often drawn the ire of politicians

Third World Victory On U.S. Biopiracy

by Bijoy Basant Patro India's successful challenge of a U.S. patent on the use of turmeric for healing has been a shot in the arm for Indian activists campaigning to protect indigenous knowledge from bio-pirates in the first world

Study Links Teen Pregnancy, Depression

Harvard study finds those with early-onset psychiatric disorders had a significantly higher chance of having a child before the age of 19 than the general population

Growing Deserts Claim Half-Million Sq Miles

by Ramesh Jaura Desertification is one of the world's most pressing environmental problems, and is a global issue which is accelerating according to a UN conference

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