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Riggs: "It Was Just A Little Pepper Spray In The Face Area"

Congressman Frank Riggs defends direct application of pepper spray on Headwaters protesters

The Stock Market's Cold Lessons

by Russell Sadler Behind the stock market boom and bust is a young, self absorbed generation that has never know hard times busily dismantling a social and economic structure built by the generation that lived through them

The Greenhouse Problem

by Donella H. Meadows Americans still are told there might not be a global warming problem because of a $13 million PR blitz to convince Americans that reducing fossil fuel consumption would cause economic collapse

Nike: Image and Reality

by Jim Hightower Philip Knight, Nike's billionaire honcho, who wants to have it both ways -- he wants to exploit workers without being called an exploiter

Oregon's Forest Health Crisis

by Russell Sadler Oregon's great forests are devastated after 100 years of orthodox industrial forest management, as the Forest Service and the timber industry colluded to cut the trees as fast as they could

Wall Street's Roller Coaster

by Norman Solomon No one can question the huge quantity of coverage that the stock market has gotten lately -- but the quality is another matter

Media Overlooks The Big Lies

by Norman Solomon When deceptions cast a huge shadow, they're liable to get scant attention

Beware GOP Proposal to Reform the IRS

by Bob Harris GOP Congressman Bill Archer has a bold plan to make it harder for the IRS to barge into your house, take your stuff, and ruin your life. There's just one problem: when, exactly, did Bill Archer and the GOP suddenly start caring about the Bill of Rights?

The Real Economy

by Alexander Cockburn When Greenspan talks about wages rising too fast, what he really means is wages rising at all. In effect, Greenspan is saying that we have an economy that cannot absorb even the slightest wage increase

The Misguided Cassini Furor

by Alexander Cockburn Why all the fuss about Cassini when the nuclear powers have missile silos, submarines and planes on alert, ready at an instant to hurl mass destruction at each other?


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