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"Mad-Dog" McCaffrey Arms Military Thugs

by Jim Hightower

Drug czar McCaffrey has militarized the anti-drug campaign inside our own borders
Years ago, a misprint in a headline declared: "FDR In Bed With Coed." Actually, President Roosevelt was in bed with a cold ... not a coed.

Well, today, one wishes it was a misprint to read headlines declaring that our nation's drug czar, Gen. Barry McCaffrey, is in bed with Columbia's brutal, anti-democratic military. Unfortunately, it's all too true.

The military in this South American country is a notorious abuser of human rights, and it's waging an ugly offensive to put down a widespread rebellion by Columbia's impoverished peasants and other insurgents.

So here comes McCaffrey, the zealous czar who has militarized the antidrug campaign inside our own borders and who has waged war against innocent Americans who need marijuana for medical treatment. Now he has chosen to side with the repressive army in Columbia's internal civil affairs by sending $50 million worth of Huey helicopters, ammunition and other military supplies to Commander Jose' Bonnett. Ostensibly, this gift of weaponry is to help the Columbian Army combat drug trafficking by what the Army calls "narcoguerillas."

Civilian analysts, however, point out that "narcoguerilla" is a term coined by the military just so they could get U.S. arms to use against the insurgents -- and sure enough McCaffrey fell for it. Indeed, Commander Bonett has said the U.S. weaponry will be used against the rebels, whether or not they are involved in drugs. Also, the area of Columbia where McCaffrey's $50-million in supplies will be deployed just happens to be where the rebels are the strongest.

Still, McCaffrey barked to the press: "Let there be no doubt: We are not taking part in counter-guerilla operations." Sure, your czarship ... and Commander Bonett is a Boy Scout.

It's time for the President to jerk Mad-dog McCaffrey's chain.

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