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Nations Have Become Bank-States

by Mario Osava That the opinion of one U.S. bank could cause Brazil's stock market to plunge 30 percent shows that bankers have wield enormous power over nations, who increasingly must keep investors happy

"Mad-Dog" McCaffrey Arms Military Thugs

by Jim Hightower Drug czar McCaffrey, who has militarized the anti-drug campaign inside our own borders, has chosen to side with the repressive army in Columbia's internal civil affairs by sending $50 million worth of military supplies

Despite Religious Heat, Oregon Chooses Right To Die

by Russell Sadler Despite a tidal wave of political consultants and national religious organizations, they couldn't browbeat Oregon voters into repealing the physician-assisted suicide law

U.S. Media Loves Saddam Hussein

by Norman Solomon While boilerplate stories whiz down the conveyor belt from official Washington sources into the mass media, any fact that might impede the angel-vs.-devil view of the latest U.S.-Iraq confrontation gets short shrift

Bad Congress! Bad Congress!

by Norman Solomon When Congress declined to give fast track a green light, many pundits with big megaphones expressed anger

The Super Powers of the Super-Rich

by Randolph T. Holhut The rich continue to get richer and use a political system that they have fully bought and paid for to make sure things stay that way

Scapegoating the Poor for Global Warming

by Alexander Cockburn Here's how the TV weather forecasts will sound if Al Gore has his way: "California is bracing itself for torrential rains these coming months due to the irresponsible reproductive habits of poor people in Latin America and Africa"

The Big News About Clinton's Defeat

by Alexander Cockburn Politicians don't mind having their arms twisted, but they do resent having their intelligence insulted -- they remember the broken promises of NAFTA

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