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"Skinhead" Hate Crimes on Increase

by Clark Staten Recent murders in Denver raise alarm as younger and younger whites are drawn to the trappings and ideology of violence offered by neo-Nazis

Russian "Portable Nukes" Missing, Say Ex-Officials

by Sergei Blagov Environmentalist leader claims suitcase- sized nuclear bombs unaccounted for, backing up warning first voiced in September by retired general

HMO Members Have Poor Heart Attack Survival Rate

New study finds that patients under 65 insured by HMO has more than 200 percent higher risk of death

Indonesia Threatens Demonstrators -- In Canada

by Andreas Harsono Indonesia warns protesters it will take action against Indonesians who join in street demonstrations this week to protest the Suharto government during Vancouver summit

Exile Suffers For Crime of Patriotism

by Wilson da Silva Jose Ramos Horta is an exile living at an eternal transit lounge -- three days in Sydney, a week in Lisbon, a month in New York, forever traveling, yet never arriving at his true destination: his native East Timor

"People Will Always Remember"

by Andreas Harsono Exclusive Internet interview with Nobel Prize winner

El Niño Strikes Amazon Hard

by Mario Osava Drought conditions come as new legislation requires landowners to preserve 50 to 80 percent of each Amazonian property, pushing landowners to deforest their land more rapidly

Sperm Decline Worse Than Believed Earlier

by John Peterson Extensive review of data from 61 published studies finds significant decline in sperm density and worse, a sharp rate of the decline, particularly in Western countries

Experts Worried by Animal Virus That Killed Boy

by Yojana Sharma An influenza virus that normally affects chickens has leapt across species to kill a three year-old Hong Kong boy earlier this year

Global Warming Could Trigger Ice Age

by Faye Yates One of the world's leading climate experts warned of an underestimated threat posed by the buildup of greenhouse gases that could send temperatures across Europe plummeting

U.S. Quietly Planning Nuke Waste Dump Just Over Mexican Border

by Diego Cevallos U.S. plans for the construction of a nuclear waste dump 20 miles from the Mexican border, in an area which has experienced 64 earthquakes in the past 70 years, are moving right along thanks to the complicity of the Mexican government, Greenpeace protests

Natives Isolated in Mexican Prisons

by Diego Cevallos More than 5,500 Native people are behind bars in Mexico, many of them with no prior criminal record and no understanding of charges against them

Asian Loggers "Devastating" Nicaragua Forests

by Danielle Knight Having destroyed much of their own original forest cover to logging, Asian multinational corporations are swooping into Latin America

New SEC Rules Would Quash Shareholder Complaints

by Danielle Knight Attempts by U.S. shareholders to force corporations to be socially and environmentally responsible at home and abroad are threatened by proposed changes to federal rules, activist groups have charged

World Bank Woos Timber Companies

by Abid Aslam The World Bank, prohibited since 1991 from financing logging projects in tropical rainforests, has invited CEOs of several global logging companies to private dinner in January before open meeting with companies, enviros

Florida Coral Reefs In Sharp Decline

by Phil Williams Study finds incidence of disease has increased by 276 percent from 1996 to 1997 and perhaps even more ominous, the number of coral species with diseases has increased 211 percent in the same time period

TWA Flight 800 Inquiry Fades, But Anti-Arab Bias Remains

by Farhan Haq After 16 months of searching for clues, the FBI has admitted that it has no evidence of criminal action behind the crash of TWA Flight 800 -- but the anti-arab rules, including "profiles" of likely terrorists, are now airline policy

Bombing Grand Jury Recalls Conspiracy Witnesses

by Bill Johnson ATF informant, former grand dragon of the Oklahoma Ku Klux Klan provide new testimony

Dilbert is Bosses' Stooge, Says Author

by Abid Aslam Xerox and other companies have enlisted "Dilbert" to help introduce new management techniques and office reorganizations (exactly the sort of stuff the cartoon mocks) -- and to prepare workers to be laid off

NAFTA Enviro Promises Not Being Kept

Despite promises that NAFTA would result in environmental cleanup projects, very little has so far been done

Three Nations Join Forces To Protect Monarch

by Diego Cevallos Canada, Mexico, and the United States plan to join forces to ensure the future of Monarch butterflies, which undertake a spectacular migration journey of more than 10,000 kilometers every year

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