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How Electric Deregulation Will Cost You Thousands of $$

by J.A. Savage Industry insider explains how utility management figured out how to stick small ratepayers with the bailout costs by using a "Wise Use" trick

Internet Filters Censor More Than Smut

by Andy Oram Gay and lesbian sites that contain no pornography -- but lots of political information and psychological help -- are increasingly offering information about the threat of censorship from government laws and Internet filtering products

The Middle-Class Implosion

by Jim Hightower Eight out of ten of us have lost income during the past five years, despite the claims that these have been years of unprecedented prosperity

Libya's "Secret Tunnels of Death"

by Eric Margolis Khadaffi's nation is hardly a world-class threat -- Libya's so backwards it imports Egyptians to bake bread, and when an elevator breaks down in Tripoli, technicians must be flown in from Europe

After El Nino, "El Bunko" Will Remain

by Norman Solomon El Bunko is the mass media's usual hot air, causing perceptual distortions; when prestigious journalists tell us that "the economy" is doing great -- without reference to the realities of widespread poverty -- El Bunko is gathering steam

Indonesia Makes Journalism a Crime

by Norman Solomon Dictatorship imprisons, tortures journalists who dare tell the truth

The Right-Wing's Media Machine

by Randolph T. Holhut The Right has created and funded its own media network using non-profit foundation money to build an impressive and formidable political infrastructure that is better funded, better organized and has a much bigger base of support than any comparable liberal-left efforts

Global Warming Gloomsters

by Alexander Cockburn The trouble with global-warming hysteria is that it discredits decent policies

Pepper Spray and Goon Squads

by Alexander Cockburn Cops will always push things as far as they feel it's safe to go -- and then push a little further


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