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"Bear Lincoln To Be Retried

by Nicholas Wilson Jurors at first trial angered by apparently political decision by Mendocino County District Attorney

Nuke, Oil Industries Claim Green Image

by Suvendrini Kakuchi Global Warming summit began under pressure from nuclear and oil industries that they can present cleaner alternatives to "dirty" fuel if left alone

Developed Nations Wanted to Play Pollution Poker

by Dipankar De Sarkar Following the lead of the European Union, the U.S. and developed Asian nations wanted to be able to swap emission credits with the Third World as if they were poker chips

Gore Efforts Draw Mixed Reaction

Environmental critics said that Gore sidestepped the opportunity to take a leadership role as conference stumbled towards collapse

Meaningful Results Doubtful

At best, laying diplomatic groundwork for future talks

Twilight of the God

by Andreas Harsono In every corner of Jakarta, whether its an army barracks, a student clearinghouse or a business office, people are secretly discussing a post-Suharto Indonesia as rumors spread about the dictator's illness -- or death

Depression Hits Indonesia Economy

by Kafil Yamin Entire industries shutting down as economic squeeze tightens

HMO Members Face Greater Risks in Emergency Rooms

Study finds significant number of patients at risk because emergency room physicians must okay treatment with corporation "gatekeepers" that may not have medical training

Extremist Influence Growing in U.S. Military

by Jim Lobe Hostility toward Clinton by elite military gatherings and maneuverings by Colin Powell to expand influence in policy-making seen as evidence of a growing military-civilian gap

Bombing Conspiracy Theorists No-Shows at Grand Jury

by Bill Johnson J.D. Cash, whose conspiracy stories appeared in right-wing publications, fails to appear before Oklahoma City grand jury, and jurors also hear that often-cited "evidence" of advance government knowledge of bombing revealed to be vague message repeated from Internet

Supreme Court Weakening Fourth Amendment, Study Finds

by Kelli Whitlock U.S. Supreme Court justices have granted more power to law enforcement officials by ruling that police roadblocks, drug testing in schools and the workplace and police search of household garbage are deemed legal

The Real Controversy Behind "Fen/Phen "

Analysis by David Sjostedt In the wake of the mid-September warning from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the diet drug cocktail known as "fen/phen" posed life-threatening risks, angry consumers are wondering why the agency approved the drugs at all

Oil Giants Try to Rewrite History

by Danielle Knight Controversial new exhibit at the National Museum of American History on the Alaskan pipeline was funded by a $300,000 grant from Alyeska Pipeline Service Company and has short one-sentence mention in the timeline of the 1989 Exxon Valdez Alaskan oil spill

Significant Western U.S. Air Pollution Comes From Asia

by David Brand About 10 percent of the ozone and other pollutants found in the western United States is wind-borne from industrialized nations of East Asia

China's Growing Cities Face Enviro Crisis

by Antoaneta Bezlova Three Chinese cities -- Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin -- are among the world's megacities, those with more than 10 million residents, but though more and more people are living in cities, living conditions have not always kept up with urbanization

New Evidence of Army Terrorism in Peru

by Abraham Lama 1992 murder of union leader reopened following new evidence against the Army Intelligence Service, which could effect next year's presidential elections

Rich Get Richer: Debunking the Forbes 400

by Peter Werby According to a yearly study published by a Boston think tank, not only are the rich getting richer at the expense of the classes below them, but the pace is accelerating

Indonesia Covertly Sterilizing E Timor Women, Says Researcher

by Sonny Inbaraj A number of East Timorese women have been covertly sterilized under Indonesia's national family program as part of efforts to "undermine the survival" of its people as a distinct group, a new study from Yale University says

Loss of Local Plants, Animals as Troubling as Extinction

by Janet Basu While species are being lost globally with alarming speed -- the highest rate since the mass extinction that included the dinosaurs -- separate populations that make up various species are going extinct at a rate three to eight times faster

Russian Scandal as Former KGB Caught Trying to Railroad Enviro Activist

by Judith Perera and Andrei Ivanov Shakeup includes head of secret police agency fired after Russia embarassed by tampering with case

Washington Scrambles as Worries About Haiti Grow

Fears that the situation could collapse if the economic situation worsens and people despair of seeing the tangible improvements in their daily lives that were promised by Aristide and the international community

Rare "Aquarium" Fish Risk Extinction

by Felix Mponda One of the world's rarest fish, the "cichlidae," commonly known in the African nation of Malawi as the mbuna, is threatened with extinction because of the destruction of its habitat and excessive fishing

Sacred Pipe Returning to N Cheyenne After 120 Years

by Bill Johnson Loss is believed by some Cheyenne traditionalists to be responsible for many of the tribe's troubles, including defeats by the U.S. Army on the Plains

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