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Indonesia Riots Spreading

Situation deteriorating rapidly as riots and ethnic violence adds to high tension because of layoffs and rocketing prices

Global Survey of Enviro Damage Planned in 2001

by Janet Basu A year to take stock of the world's biodiversity makes sense scientifically, morally, even commercially, scientists say, as they plan an international blitz for the new millenium

Funeral Industry Goliath Sues Small Publisher

by Terril Shorb The world's largest funeral enterprise is suing a tiny book publisher, claiming that a nine-word statement -- quoted from a 1986 magazine article -- threatens the $2.5 billion corporation

Judge's Comments Angers Family, Supporters of Slain Native

by Pearce Bannon Natives blamed for death of Anthony "Dudley" George, killed by police during a 1995 protest to reclaim tribal Ontario burial ground

TV Manipulation Common, Says '60 Minutes' Host

by Anna Luca Clinton just latest among presidents who play the television camera expertly

Millions at Risk From Burned Hospital Waste

by Danielle Knight and Abid Aslam Waste management policies are endangering the health and environment of millions in the U.S. alone says a new report, which notes that incinerators are almost always in poor neighborhoods

Conservatives Trying to Block Unions From Politics

by Eric Espe Unions says bills and ballot initiatives strive to force unions to get written permission from membership before spending dues on any kind of political objective is plot to undermine worker's rights

Asia Money Crisis Shoots Down Arms Deals

by Satya Sivaraman Until recently, East Asian governments were busy shopping for sophisticated weaponry. But suddenly besieged by ailing economies, they are now canceling or deferring orders for arms purchases indefinitely, as U.S. officials claim that a Secretary of Defense 11-day tour of the region was not meant to boost arms sales

Feminists Ponder Clinton as Misogynist

Analysis by Farhan Haq Feminist critics have been wary of attacking the president on the basis of the sexual charges, many of which remain unproven

Massive Die-Off of Rare Sea Lions

by Ron Kenner The Hooker sea lion -- found only in New Zealand waters and one of the world's rarest species -- is suddenly and mysteriously dying, say New Zealand authorities who as yet have no explanation for the deaths of almost half of the sea lion pups born this year, and fear that humans may also be threatened by the mystery illness

Murder Following Textook Directions is Constitutional Issue

by Nick Rosen Conviction on triple murder that followed directions in "Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors" raises questions if authors or filmmakers could be held responsible for describing or showing violence

Bear Lincoln Retrial now set for September

by Nicholas Wilson Jurors from Lincoln's first trial remain active in his support

Companies Aggressively Push Banned Pesticides in Third World

by Tabibul Islam Gullible and illiterate African farmers are persuaded by glib sales talk at promotional camps and through incentive schemes to buy new unregistered formulations

Groups Think "Free Trade" Helps Europe, U.S. Dump Toxics in S America

by Dario Montero Paraguayan authorities currently are attempting to determine the country of origin of 1,100 containers found in the port of Asuncion, whose presumably toxic contents are now being analyzed

U.S. Toxic Waste in Haiti May be Returned to Sender

by Danielle Knight 4,000 tons of toxic waste, dumped on a beach in Haiti 10 years ago finally may be cleaned up and returned to the United States, say environmental groups

Skeptics Doubt World Bank 'Pro-Poor' Message

by Johanna Son World Bank President uses pro-poor message in his recent East Asian swing. although financial crisis was set off not by governments mired in debt, but by private sectors gorged on cheap foreign loans

Brazil is Testing Ground for Genetically-Altered Foods

by Mario Osava Genetically modified corn, soybean, cotton, tobacco and sugar cane are already being cultivated in a country "ill-prepared to carry out follow-up even on more simple things"

Indonesian Notebook: Parents Fear For Their Children's Milk

by Andreas Harsono Empty shelves underscore the seriousness of the Asian financial crisis

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