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What Real Tax Reform Would Look Like

by Randolph T. Holhut Real tax reform must include provisions to make the rich carry their fair share of the tax burden

Congress Should Probe U.S. Aid To Indonesian Military

by Jose Ramos-Horta Revelations that the Pentagon has continued to train death squad forces in defiance of Congress raises important questions that should be aired

Clinton's African Trade Bill Compared To Slave Trade

by Mark Weisbrot It is difficult to imagine they could get away with this kind of a colonial assault on any other continent, with so few political repercussions

Swiss Banks Continue Hiding Nazi Gold

by Lucy Komisar The Swiss were bankers and money-launders of the Nazis, confidence men who took depositors' money, hid the records and refused to pay back rightful owners -- and they continue to stonewall justice in the face of demands to pay back the stolen money

Coca Cola: Recycling Outlaws

by Marti Matsch In 1990, amidst the heat of the cola battles with Pepsi, Coca-Cola loudly announced their pledge to help create a market for recycled plastic in the bottles, but eight years later, Coca-Cola has still not followed through on its promise

Dinner by DuPont

by Jim Hightower Wait 'til you bite into the Brave New Dinner being cooked up in the laboratory by DuPont, Dow, Monsanto and other chemical giants

Clinton Lauds M.L. King But Shuns His Message

by Norman Solomon In recent days, the news media have carried many tributes to Dr. King but shed little light on the challenge to economic injustice that increasingly preoccupied him

Clinton Hypocrisy Lost in Sex Scandal Coverage

by Norman Solomon As candidate and president, Clinton found that his repeated emphasis on requiring "responsible behavior" from welfare mothers won him accolades from a wide array of political reporters and pundits

Will Scientology Bring Down Germany?

by Alexander Cockburn The German government is -- and indeed has been for many years -- unhinged on the topic of Scientology, which it seems to regard as some sort of Ebola virus likely to bring down the nation

Willey and the Beast

by Alexander Cockburn Couldn't Ed Bradley, so eager to inquire exactly what precise level of physical arousal had been reached by the president when he supposedly guided Kathleen's hand weenie-wards, have asked some simple questions -- such as the actual purpose of her visit to the White House?

Ward Valley Protest Passes Milestone

by Dan Hamburg Former Congressman writes from Ward Valley, where protesters have occupied the site where the state of California wants to construct a "low-level" nuclear dump

Free Trade For Me And Thee

by Ted Rall Like both communism and capitalism, there's nothing wrong with free trade as an idea; the trouble is, free trade as it's currently promoted is only free for corporate interests

Being Too Fair With Carcinogenic Chemicals

by Donella H. Meadows Until chemicals conclusively fail their lab tests and someone proves beyond all doubt that they are harmful, we use them haphazardly, confident that the damage can somehow be repaired


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