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One out of Eight Plant Species May Vanish

by Danielle Knight Habitat destruction and introduction of non-native species have caused approximately 12.5 percent of the world's plants to now be so rare they could easily disappear

Protesters Dig in at Blockade of Uranium Mine

by Ilana Eldridge and Carolyn Court Australian Native landowners and green activists have vowed to keep up a blockade against work on the Uranium mine until the controversial project is halted

Expect Indonesia "Spiral of Violence," Warns Journalist

by Farhan Haq The lesson for Nairn -- who was expelled from Indonesia in mid-March because authorities in 1991 labelled him a "threat to national security" -- is that Indonesia's economic woes may be accomplishing the one thing 33 years of dictatorship have so far prevented: the downfall of Suharto

Women Find Catholic Hospital Takeover Means no Birth Control

by Melanie Conklin Catholic doctrine opposes abortion, contraception, tubal ligations, vasectomies, and fertility treatments. This doctrine applies not just to Catholics, but to any patient treated in a Catholic facility or even at a hospital or clinic affiliated with a Catholic institution. With more than 600 Catholic hospitals and 200 health-care centers serving some fifty million patients a year, reproductive health care for women is becoming harder to find

U.N. "Near Bankrupt" Over U.S. Failure to Pay Dues

by Thalif Deen U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright told a meeting of the American Newspaper Editors Association that Congress was engaged in "legislative blackmail" in tying funds for the United Nations to the abortion issue and population control programs

Genetic Food Engineering Turns Poor Nations Into Farmers For Rich

by Judith Perera Products developed by biotech companies are mostly aimed at industrialized countries, creating new commodities for the West in parts of the world where hunger and malnutrition are serious problems

Congress Considers Several Bills to Censor Internet

by Mark Taylor Now VP Al Gore wants Congress to require schools and libraries to adopt plans to protect children from offensive Internet content in order to receive money

Battle Over U.S. Corporations Patenting Amazon Plants

by Danielle Knight Under archaic patent law, corporations currently are developing pharmaceutical drugs from plants taken without permission

Hospitals Bully, Mislead Patients on Bills, Study Suggests

Certain hospitals may discourage inquiries into bills by putting on a friendly face in their initial correspondence and conversations with patients, but those consumers who actually call for an audit of their bills may meet with explicit hostility, even threats

School Of Americas Protestors Enter Prison

by Elaine Hopkins Release in 1996 of Spanish language training manuals recommending torture, execution and blackmail galvanized protests against the U.S. Army school linked to torture, murder

More Pollution-Linked Sex Deformity in Alligators Found

by John Lester Reproductive and hormonal problems documented in alligators living in a polluted Florida lake have turned up in alligators living in other Florida lakes thought to be more insulated from pollutants

Science Uncertain Why Frogs Are Vanishing

by Danielle Knigh Habitat destruction, acid rain, ozone depletion, pesticides, parasites, toxic pollution, and pathogens all have been branded as possible causes

River Dies as Paper Factory Thrives

by Kafil Yamin Giant plant using unprecidented quantities of water from river in Sumatra, destroying entire ecosystem and way of life for hundreds of thousands

Shamen Claim Credit for Stopping Amazon Fires

by Mario Osava Local residents celebrated by literally dancing in the rain and singing the praises of the two shamen who seemed to break a four-month drought and forest fire after performing a rain dance ceremony

Indonesian Notebook: Stress, Despair Growing as Hard Times Pressure

by Kafil Yamin Many having trouble coping as prices, unemployment rates soar

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