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FREE! Headwaters forest activists Pepper Spray Trial Begins
Headwaters forest activists suit against Humboldt police seeks injunction against using chemical weapons on peaceful protesters plus damages for pain and suffering

Canada Makes Landmark Concessions To B.C. Natives
Tribe regains vast homeland, cash from government
Capitol Police Shot Protecting Gung-Ho NRA Congressman
Killed as House considering law to permit concealed weapons

Pentagon Charged With Developing Banned Laser Weapons
"Dazzle" laser that can blind also available to police
A shy 36 year-old Aboriginal woman is leading a coalition of Natives, enviros, and anti-nuclear groups against the money and power of one of Australia's largest mining companies and the right-wing Australian government
+ 118 Arrested at Largest Protest Yet
+ Native Land Rights at Core of Mine Controversy
+ Historic Enviro - Native Alliance Formed

Lobbying Congress
$    $100 Million Per Month Spent on LobbyingFREE!
$    All God's Lobbyists
$    How the Pentagon Lobbies Congress From Within
$    Jim Hightower: Lawmakers Devolve To Become Lobbyists

Growing Alarm Over Antibiotic Resistant Germs
Reports of new resistant bacteria from all around the globe
Bear Lincoln Retrial Delayed Until January FREE!
Hopes that case might be dropped after Nov elections
Beyond the AIDS Conference Hype
Media coverage of Geneva summit was pharmaceutical company PR
Wal-Mart Target Of Sweatshop Protest
Uses 1,000 factories in China alone
Indonesians Face Austerity From Food Shortages
Although rice is only about 7 cents per pound, many go hungry
Unemployment In Asia Alarms U.N.
Massive lay-offs of both skilled and unskilled workers
The GOP's "Kinder, Gentler" Gay Bashing
Assult on gay rights part of effort to bring hard right Republican voters to polls
Hospital Mistreatment Added to Heat Stroke Deaths FREE!
Emergency room treatment killed hundreds over next year
Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
The poor quality of international news coverage; Britian takes drastic steps to keep Mad Cow disease out of blood supply; Forest Service finally admits logging on public land is loss; Fortuna Alliance (Updated August 22)
Billions Loaned To Russia Are Wasted
Bailout $$ supporting Yeltsin, not reform of Russian economy
IRS Reform Bill Loaded With Favors For Political Contributors
Very richest Americans get billion$ in tax subsidies
First-Ever Attempt to Organize Maquiladora Workers
250,000 Central American women work in horrible conditions

Clinton Forest Protection Failing, Groups Say
1994 agreement had already conceded most of forests to timber interests

smokestack The Breathing Earth FREE!
MONITOR special report on how the Earth copes with CO2

Deregulated Power May Increase Smog
Loophole benefits older power plants with heavy pollution

Energy Deregulation Puts Heat on Small Producers
Industry giants can force bankrupcy, then buy assets to claim environmental friendly

Poverty Causes Early Death, Mental Illness FREE!
Poverty is hardship cause, not effect

Genetic Engineering Test Produces Superweeds FREE!
Researchers surprised herbicide-resistant weed quickly emerged
Burmese Urged To Overthrow Military Junta
Situation compared to Phillipines under Marcos
Starr Inquiry Is America's Shame
Making sex a greater felony than ripping apart the Constitution

+ This Is Your (Media) Life, Bill Clinton!
+ Media Advised Clinton On How To Spin
+ Presidential Scandals in Eye of Beholder

New Republic Purges Archives
Removing partially discredited journalism is almost Stalinist
Fact Checking Becomes Obsessive
Going beyond nit-picking to sheer lunacy
Fantasy Beats Facts For Drug Czar
Drug czar Barry McCaffrey demonstrates art of doublethink
A Half-Hearted Defense of Tina Brown
New Yorker editor understood America's love of celebrity


+ Grand Juries And Justice
+ Smoking Gun in CIA Drug Traffic Coverup
+ Environmental Wasteland in Gore's Backyard
Dreaming Castaneda
Memories of friendship with reclusive writer

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