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Death Site Shows Escape Was Almost Impossible

by Nicholas Wilson
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Visiting the death scene on "Gypsy Mountain," as it has been dubbed by the activists, is an exhausting hour-and-a-half climb up the steep switchbacks of the dirt logging road to reach the ridgetop where the clearcut logging was taking place.

Mountain slope where Chain was killed At the scene it became apparent that the tangle of downed logs, broken branches and foliage completely covering the extremely steep hillside made it impossible to run -- or even to walk -- to get away from a falling tree on short notice. It was necessary to carefully choose each footstep and test it for solidity before placing full weight on it.

The terrain is important, considering that the Coroner's report confirmed on Tuesday that David Chain died, probably instantly, when he was crushed by a direct hit from a large tree felled by a logger. There was no domino effect; he was not struck by a second tree knocked over by the felled tree.

Site where Chain was killed

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