Albion Monitor Issue 52 Late Sept / Early Oct 1998
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Slope where David 'Gypsy' Chain was killed Earth First! calls for manslaughter police investigation, produces videotapes and witnesses; photos shows escape probably impossible on steep hillside; Press Democrat criticized for bias
+ Pepper Spray By The Cupful
+ Police Charge Blockade, Arrest "Trespassers"
+ MONITOR Exclusive: Listen to Confrontation Before Death
+ Death Site Shows Escape Was Almost Impossible
+ Blockade Stops Loggers, Growing Demand For Independent Investigation
+ Earth First! Blockades Site of Activist's Death, Releases Tapes

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Election year seriousness and foolishness

While the press chases sex scandals, the biggest corporations and banks are quickly bankrupting and stealing control of entire nations

+   FINANCIAL WARFARE: How The Biggest Banks Created A Global Crisis
+   MAI: Corporations As World Power

"Hey, Look! There goes Monica Lewinsky"

Listening To The Wrong Economic Pundits
Should the IMF give more billions to shore up broken economies?

Only New Agency Can Stop Global Economic Crisis, UN Group Says
UN Secretary- General says world at risk of political chaos
Corporations Derail "Environmental Justice" Programs
To block application of civil rights law on environmental issues
Corporations Secretly Using NAFTA to Sue Canada, Mexico
Secret proceedings to force countries to accept carcinogens, toxic waste
Clinton's Pundit Moralists
Pundit male linear-thinkers are appalled the public doesn't want Clinton flogged

Indonesia's Army Fails to Stop Riots
Soldiers stand by as nation falls into anarchy
The Drug War in our backyard

GOP Counting on Big Christian Right Voter Turnout
Clinton scandal expected to rally hard-right's most organized and most motivated voters
Gingrich's Sour Grapes
Disgusted with tactics, voters backlash will oust GOP
Congress Throwing $2.3 Billion More at Drug War
Gingrich and GOP push bill through without hearings
US Not Cleaning Up Ex-Military Base Pollution
Only token efforts being made, particularly in poor nations
New Study Backs Up Biotech Fears
Plant is 20 times more likely to pollinate with wild varieties
Perfume Makers Accused of Raiding Amazon Resources
Smuggled oil from Amazonian tree essential for many perfumes

Mining Corporations Funding Bolivian Paramilitary, Says Report
Taking over the mineral-rich lands of local people by intimidation
Guyana Blocks Access to Starr Report
Nation censors material considered porn, racist, or encouraging violence
Clinton's Real Character Issues
Quick to compromise, Clinton has never stood for principles

+ The Big News Ignored
+ Wading Through Flood of Media Cliches

World News as Seen by Washington Press Corps
No story without a sex angle


+ Few Escape Washington Hypocricy
+ Revolt Against The Prosecutors
+ Our Own Spanish Inquisition

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Issue 52

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