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Judge Quashes Murder Indictment of Bear Lincoln, New Charge Filed

by Nicholas Wilson Grand Jury murder indictment discarded because prosecutor concealed evidence tending to show Lincoln innocent

Publishers Sued in Detroit News Strike

by Laura McCreery Publishing joint non-union paper basis of suit, as the Detroit newspaper strike continues into its fifth month

Petaluma School Board Endorses Sexual Identity Program

by John De Salvio Touching pleas from mothers of gay children who committed suicide moves school board and audience

Oklahoma "Prophet" Indicted in Alleged Bomb Plot

by Bill Johnson With a fertilizer bomb similar to the one used in Oklahoma City, the self-styled "Prophet of Yahweh" allegedly planned to blow up abortion clinics and civil rights offices

"Whitewash" Charged in Guyana River Disaster

by Judith Perera Three months after cyanide and heavy metals tailings from a gold mine washed down the Omai River, the Guyanese government has not begun investigation

Rare Virus may be Linked to Schizophrenia

by Kristy Wooley An animal virus that infects the nervous system is linked to some cases of human schizophrenia

Higher Death Rate for AIDS Medicaid Patients

Expensive medical test to diagnose AIDS-related pneumonia usually available only to patients with private insurance

Militiary Weapons Cost $650 Billion

by Frank Sietzen, Jr. Billions for new submarines, missles, aircraft, and spy satellites...and a few million for CIA psychics

Rich Countries Exploit Africa for Healing Plants

by Kenneth Blackman Conference demands equitable sharing of benefits when medicinal plants are used to create new medicines

Ralph Nader Enters Presidential Primary

Cites candidacy as a way of stimulating a debate on the distribution of power, its abuses, and reforms as well as other vital subjects

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