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Ebonics Critics Speak Ignorance

by Walter M. Brasch Driven by ignorance and fueled by the media, the public argues that the nation's teachers are "dumbing down" their students by even allowing such "substandard" speech in the classroom, while it is the failure of teachers and the public to understand the nature of a student's home language -- whether Black English, Yiddish, or Pennsylvania Dutch

NY Times Editor Sounds Alarm

by Todd Gitlin When the Times' managing editor stands up in public and mournfully declares that he is "truly alarmed" by major trends in his business -- in particular by corporate mergers -- it's remarkable

The Anti-Trust Juggernaut Crushes the Little Guy

by Charles E. Mueller The Supreme Court has encouraged corporate megamergers and with no authorization from Congress, changed the country's basic economic policy

Our Love Affair With Mass Murder

By Ted Rall Splayed across the death gurney, the needles still in Kirt Wainwright's arms for 45 minutes while Justice Clarence Thomas considered the appeal

Washington Post Tosses its Conscience

by Norman Solomon Now the politicians and the generals, the arms contractors and the corporate lobbyists won't have to see anti-military column in the august Washington Post

The Case against Newt

by Alexander Cockburn That Republicans are defending Gingrich and claiming he's a martyr presents a double standard

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