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FREE! Leonard Peltier Suffering, Faces Medical Crisis
MONITOR EXCLUSIVE: Condition could be fatal, says Ramsey Clark
Pentagon Wants Veto Power Over War Crimes Court
"Frantic calls" made to stop creation of new global court
With most big businesses still owned by Suharto cronies and no strong political institutions, student-led populist democracy movement demands total reform. An uneasy Western diplomat warns: "The world cannot afford to have 200 million Muslim radicals"
+ Hard Times, Suharto Overthrow Have Radicalized Indonesia
+ Army Suspected of Gang Rapes, Ethnic Attacks During Riots
+ Indonesians Shocked by Sudden Firing of Atty General
+ Like Marcos, Dictator Suharto Might Keep Billions

U.S. Oil Subsidies Fuel Global Warming, Say Analysts
Consumer prices don't even cover costs of petroleum production
Unions Cheer Defeat of Prop 226
Was right-wing attempt to damage union political power
Error 404: News Not Found in Your Daily Paper
The real problems in Japan, media bias (Updated June 29)
Another Phony Clinton "Scandal"
Desperate for votes, right-wingers claim Clinton sold secrets to China
U.S. Drug War Endangers Latin America Democracy
Pays for army buildup in countries often ruled by military dictators
FREE! Dan Hamburg's Notebook: Ward Valley Showdown
The federal government backs off, but a crucial court decision lies ahead
Mexicans File Complaint Against U.S. Apple Growers
Say Washington State denies rights to Mexican migrants
Australians, But Not Government, Apologize to Natives
More than a million apologize to indigenous people
Public Policies Often Shun Science, Famed Researcher Says
Scientists who persist with unpopular stance have credibility attacked
Development and Urban Watershed Pollution Linked
Attempts to control urban runoff not effective
Honduras Could Lose All Forest in 20 Years
Poorest Latin country burning wood at alarming rate
Elephants at Risk as Ivory Trade Picks Up
Evidence that hunting, smuggling significantly increasing
FREE! Crime Eyewitness Easily Swayed by Cops, Study Finds
Psychologists say neutral observers needed
Lebanon Housing Built on Toxic Waste Sites
War-torn country was dumping ground for U.S. and Europe
Hospitals are Major Source of Toxic Pollutants
Incinerated med waste a leading sources of some carcinogens
Demands for $$ to Shutdown Chernobyl Called Blackmail
Ukraine tells West it will close dangerous reactor for $1.2 billion
U.S. Financing Corrupt and Unstable Moscow
Attempt to stave off inevitable explosion coming in Russia
Remembering Dr. Spock: The baby doctor who helped shaped a generation of peace activists

Enviros Demand Clinton Take Quick Action to Help Ocean
70 percent of the world's commercial fish species at risk
Senate Opens Door to Email Spam
Bill wouldn't restrict junk email as claimed
"Gore Tax" Was More GOP Propaganda
Republican attack on school/library fund was cynical election year trick

+ "Content" Magazine is no Independent Voice
+ How Many Dollars Per Vote?

MacArthur "Genius" Grants Reach Too Few
Enormous awards for only a few dozen annually

+ The Drug War
+ Media's New Resident Expert
+ The Capitalist Manifesto

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