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Will the resignation of President Suharto bring an era of democracy to the troubled nation of islands, or will it usher in another deadly "year of living dangerously?"

+ The Dictator's Fall FREE!
+ Indonesian Media Courageously Helped Anti-Suharto Forces
+ After Student Shootings, No Turning Back FREE!
+ Army Ordered to Shoot Rioters in Early May
+ Suharto Faces Angry Nation
+ Shootings Rally Anti-Suharto Forces
+ Protesters Compare Situation to Titanic

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SPECIAL EDITON: How the U.S. press blew the biggest story of the year -- or maybe the decade
Prop 226 Could Handicap Nonprofits
California "paycheck protection" might cost charities billions
New Pesticide May be Deadly to Cystic Fibrosis Victims
Bacterium for use on corn, potatoes, peas, mutates rapidly in humans
B L O O D     M O N E Y
Are Bill Gates and other super-rich investors trying to accumulate and monopolize patents to the human genome?
(Fourth in our Genetic Dilemma series)
USDA Listens to Consumers About "Organic" Label -- For Now
Demand for national organic standard must continue
FREE! Pharmaceuticals Found in European Drinking Water
Prescription drug waste detected in sewage, treated water, nearly all streams and rivers
FREE! FDA Needs Drug Safety Office, Say Doctors
Prescription drugs may be the fourth-leading cause of death
Corporations Sue Massachusetts Over State Sanctions on Burma
Claim state can't penalize them for making deals with brutal dictatorship
Right Wing Pushing For Fed "Religious Persecution" Sanctions
Christian Coalition warns companies that oppose bill they will face retaliation
FREE! National Parks in Crisis, Says Teddy Roosevelt IV
Congress, White House "poaching" funds
Chiquita Takes Reprisals Against Striking Banana Workers
Panamanian workers stunned as U.S. based company lays off one-third of workforce
Corporations push to patent seeds and other forms of life, Thailand vows to protect native rice, and shamans announce "closing of the heart" to sharing indigenous knowledge
+ Europe Joins Biopiracy Race With U.S.
+ Civilization Destroying Amazon's "Great Pharmacy"
+ Thailand Fights U.S. Fake "Jasmine" Rice

Little Chance of U.S. Paying UN Dues in 1998
GOP may be trying to force U.S. expulsion
Human Rights Campaign Targets Sports Fans
Reebok gives $1 million of TV ads to Amnesty International

Heart of Darkness
Child Asthma Deaths Rates Double
Linked to more dysfunctional families
Activists Beg Mining Co. Stockholders: Stop Human, Enviro Abuses
U.S. based company tied to murders, massive pollution in Indonesia
Material capable of making bombs sits in rusting containers as nations quietly rush to prevent disaster
+ Radioactivity Jumps Near Submarine Junkyards
+ U.S. is Shipping Russian Nuke Waste to Scotland
+ Secret Police Try to Intimidate Enviro Whistleblower

Enough of Sinatra, Already
Sentimental tributes overlook his long history as thug and misogynist
FCC to Media Reformers: Drop Dead
Ignores watchdog group wanting TV station licenses revoked
FREE! Dan Hamburg's Notebook: Respecting Our Elders
Encounters in the chilly, starry Mojave night

+ Press Aids CIA Coverup of Ties to India, Indonesia
+ Forget India -- U.S. is A-Bomb Center
+ The Hypocrisy of Jerry Springer Bashing

Looking for Fuel in all the Wrong Places
Clinton signs oil deal with one of the world's worst despots
NY Times Hyped "Cancer Cure" Story
Newspaper breathlessly reported sweeping claims

+ Schools Today: Fat Bureaucrats, Scraggy Teachers
+ The Drug Money Trail Leads to Citibank
+ The Last Great Wild River of the West

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